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  1. Poptarts and reflections on Day 29

    This is great! I just finished my first Whole3o about a week ago. Honestly, my reintroduction hasn't gone smoothly, but I'm determined to eat what I want for my birthday in a few days and eat out guilt-free on vacation! I'm like you. I was SURE the Tasty page on Facebook was going to be my undoing, but I proved myself wrong! and even after completing my 30 days, my Sugar Dragon is still in check! I love your NSVs and can completely relate to them (I work nights in the hospital). Way to go! Hopefully we can both keep up the great work and continue to reap the benefits!
  2. Thanks for the advice. I have been a diagnosed celiac for about 8 years, and have been eating Udi's gluten free whole grain bread for many of those years with no problem. My whole reintroduction hasn't been great. Not a ton of issues with legumes, but not perfect either. And dairy is today. Cheese in my salad and i'm a little bloated and gassy but not too bad. I just haven't felt as great this week as I did during almost the entirety of my Whole 30. What do you do in that case? Quite honestly, since my diet was already limited, I'm not willing to completely give up gluten free grains. I just don't understand why is affecting me so much now when it didn't wreak this much havoc before. I obviously didn't feel great, or I wouldn't have done a Whole 30 in the first place, but I didn't feel as bad as I have this week!
  3. I just started my reintroduction today. I did great with my Whole 30. I lost 15 pounds, I was sleeping better, had more energy, fewer cravings. I started with non-gluten grains, because that's what I had without going to the store, and OMG my stomach hurts like it hasn't for 30 days! I'm bloated. I had gluten free bread for breakfast and rice for lunch, and my stomach is so off that I don't even want the dinner with corn I had planned. Any one else experiencing this? Is it because I went out of order? I am so excited for Whole 30 meals the next two days to reverse these symptoms!
  4. Running out of money

    I'm in Salem, OR, so at least a little cheaper than you. But I agree,ditch the organic stuff. Look for 2nd pick produce, which may have bruises or just not be shaped as pretty. Sweet potatoes are super cheap, as well as squash and in season veggies. Frozen veggies are also a great inexpensive, fast option. Good luck!
  5. I have both of those conditions as well and am on day 11 of a regular Whole30. I have some GI symptoms still, but nothing compared to what it was. I was have a really bad flare up of IBS symptoms a few months ago and did a low FODMAP diet for about a month and felt completely better! I don't think its a bad idea that either one of us do low FODMAP Whole30!
  6. Sleep

    That's so great! I'm on day 11, and I've noticed better sleep too! I've worked night shift for years, and know that I don't sleep as well during the day. But I've been sleeping better the last week. Keep it up!
  7. Meal Timing Advice

    Thanks! I'll give that a try!
  8. Meal Timing Advice

    I actually sleep from 10-6. I use the time when I get off in the morning to exercise the dog, cook, and do chores. It works out better for me than getting up earlier to cook. My break times are set, and I'm not usually very hungry at my first break at 10:30 pm, hence I was thinking a snack or mini meal would work better. I know waiting until my 2am "lunch break" would bee too long between meals. I was also thinking a snack at 8am because I don't want to eat a full meal when I'll be going to bed at 10am. What would you suggest?
  9. Meal Timing Advice

    I just started my first Whole 30 on September 20. So far, things have been going great. However, since I work 10 hour shifts 7 on, 7 off night shifts, Ive been off since I startedd. I'm going back to work tomorrow and I'm trying to figure out how to stay compliant. Pre-Whole 30 I would eat a meal around 6 pm, a snack at 10:30pm, and "lunch" around 2am. I would have another (very unhealthy) snack when I got home and go to bed around 10am. My Whole 30 plan is full meals at 6pm and 2am, and mini meals at 10:30pm and 8am. Would anyone suggest anything different? What are some of your guys favorite mini-meals?
  10. I'm starting my Whole30 challenge on SPetember 20. I work 10 hour night shifts, 7 on 7 off. Anyone have any tips working a big stretch like that, and switching back to a normal schedule on my weeek off?