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  1. I'm Struggling with sugar craving

    I am eating a lot, i would say. For breakfast I am having eggs (3 whites) with spinach and mushrooms; then 3hrs later I eat a fruit (pear, apple or strawberries) with some almonds. For lunch I have pork, fish or chicken grilled (100grs aprox) with some potatoes and veggies (carrots and asparagus must of the time; then after 3 hrs comes the worst part of the day, during the afternoon mi anxiety levels blow up (and by that time Im arriving at home after work) so there is when I eat the Ghee and more almonds, i feel like eating small quantities every 5 minutes, I also have some prunes because of the sweetness; and for dinner I eat meat and veggies and pumpkins. Most of the time I drink water or tea, and just few times I drink coconut milk. I am training super hard, 1:30hr everyday with HIITS and not so much weightlifting but with a lot of series and repetitions, and 35 minutes of cardio. I would like to know where I can find tools to handle my emotions when it comes to food. Thks.
  2. Hi guys, I´m doing my first Whole30 (day 7) and so far its been good in terms of energy, meal preparation and training hard, but i found myself craving for sugar o breads, specially during the afternoons. I am an emotional eater, so I used to calm myself down with food (specially sweet-healthy things, like bars or granola). Now, since I can't have them, i found my self eating a lot of almonds, cashews and Ghee (its weird and uncommon, but I am eating the ghee with a spoon). I feel that Im not in control when it comes to food, and I have a lot of expectations about losing weight, but sometimes I feel that its not gonna happened of I keep like this. Could you please give me some advices or tips to create a healthy relationship with food. Ps. Sorry for the grammar mistakes, Im not english native spacer. Maria