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  1. Like most women, I assumed that I would use birth control pills until we were “ready” to have kids, then immediately become pregnant when I went off the pill. Like many women, I discovered it is seldom that easy. When I went off the pill, we “tried” to get pregnant for months. Months turned into one year… then two years. We had made the mistake of telling several friends at church about our plans to have a baby, so every week for over a year (until we moved to a new state), we were met with, “Any news, yet?” . After two years, we began to seriously consider surrogacy. Everyone understands that there are medical, moral and psychological challengers. Surrogacy is one of the most difficult challenges. They help a lot of couples to feel happiness of fatherhood and motherhood. They also helped me and my husband. I don’t regret about our decision to do surrogacy. We had a wonderful surrogate at Biotexcom. It is one of the leading clinics in assisted technologies of human reproduction. I am sure that surrogacy is salvation for many couples. So surrogacy is 100% lifesaving! And only those ones who went through it or need it will understand.