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    fitness, weight lifting, traveling, hiking, camping, being outside, piano, guitar, Spanish music, coffee, so many other things :)

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  1. First Whole30 Complete!

    Congrats on completing your Whole30, and thanks for sharing your story! I'm starting tomorrow, and struggle with a lot of the same. This is very encouraging to read
  2. Starting tomorrow, 9/11

    Hi fellow Whole-30ers! I'm new to this forum and to Whole 30. For the most part, I eat about 80% Paleo but have "fallen off the wagon" the past year. I'm really looking to regain my focus and develop a healthy relationship with food and eating in general. My start date is tomorrow! I love carbs and sweets and am usually a heavy night eater, so any tips on how to help the transition and stay on track is greatly appreciated!
  3. Starting Tomorrow if IRMA is nice!

    Hi! I'm starting tomorrow as well I hope IRMA doesn't get in your way and you can get through the next 30 days. Giving up the sweet treat at night will be hard, agreed!