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  1. lana.the.explorer

    Tea with Oat Straw

    Reposting since I never got a response on this... I've searched high and low for this, but can't find a solid answer. I have an organic mineral tea mix I bought from an herbarium, and one of the listed ingredients is "Oat Straw". From what I'm seeing, oat straw is basically the plant or grass of oat, so it should technically be acceptable. But I'm not sure! Can anyone please help confirm whether this ingredient in tea is ok or not?
  2. lana.the.explorer

    Snack and emergency food

    How about Chomps sticks? I’m not sure if those are too close to jerky, as I know you mentioned you don’t like jerky. One thing that has been a lifesaver for me has been sliced deli turkey or chicken (compliant kinds, of course). They have a ton of protein, easy to grab as a quick snack, and can be paired with a piece of fruit or small portion of nuts.
  3. lana.the.explorer

    Compliant canned chicken?

    Wild Planet makes a canned chicken breast that is 100% compliant. I get mine from Thrive Market, but it may be available in the health section at the grocery store.
  4. lana.the.explorer

    Pea Protein

    Yes, pea protein is now allowed! But all the other ingredients in the protein need to be100% complaint. Alot of pea protein powders also include rice protein, sweeteners, ect ect. So just check for those, but if it's just 100% pea protein (or combined with other compliant ingredients), you're good to go!