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  1. Start 10-14

    It's SO hard!! My struggle too, always needing a snack and something sweet after dinner. My goal is to not eat after 8pm... cause it usually ends in a downward spiral for me.
  2. October 14th - Start Day

    Hi Jacquelyn, I hope your first day went well! I actually had to switch my first day to tomorrow, so I'm mentally prepping myself now haha A Whole 60?! Wow! That's quite the accomplishment! I keep struggling with 15 days. That's my concern too... I've struggled alot with bingeing, and most of my plans/diets/fitness programs end in that, no matter how well I do during the time. And like you, my sugar dragon is a beeeeaaast, and something that I REALLY struggle with. So yes! Let's be buddies and help motivate each other through these challenges. You're on a Whole 100 now??
  3. Help - Need A Group of Whole 30 Starters!

    Hi Dannelle! When is your start date? I got through 17 days on my first one, and am starting again tomorrow. Motivation is sooo helpful, maybe we can help each other get through this next month
  4. Starting my FIRST Whole 30 10/16!

    I'm starting tomorrow too
  5. October 14th - Start Day

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be starting my fall Whole 30 tomorrow, October 14th! Is anyone else starting then too?? I'd love a Whole 30 buddy, especially since we're quickly approaching fall and winter with all the delicious seasonal treats I attempted a Whole 30 for the first time back in September, and made it to Day 17 before I realized I was eating nuts roasted in peanut oil. It was annoying and careless mistake, so I'm determined to be more careful and make it through this time. Let's do this!! Yole Anna
  6. Day 17 Acne Breakout

    Hi everyone! I'm on Day 17, and with the exception of some cravings and probably eating too many calories these past few days, I've been coasting pretty easily through this. For the first week, my skin actually started clearing up ALOT, and all digestive issues were at a minimal. However, the past few days I've started breaking out all along my chin, and a little on my face (I very rarely get breakouts anywhere other than my chin). The only thing I've done differently is maybe eat more fat/nuts, but all whole30 approved! It's a little frustrating, since the breakouts were a major thing I was hoping this would clear up, and it was going great in the beginning. Has anyone else experienced this?? Any tips or thoughts on what could be behind this and what I could try to clear it up?? Thanks!
  7. Migraine Treatment with Caffeine

    Hi, I'm interested to hear any responses to this, since I suffer from migraines as well. The only thing that helps when they hit are Excedrin Migraine following by a Rockstar energy drink (which has sucralose and a bunch of added additives and junk). I'm on Day 17 and thankfully haven't had a full blown one yet, but in the past three days I've been having the "migraine is coming" symptoms. I REALLY don't want to have to start over at this point, but I'm not sure what else I could do to avoid it. Thanks!
  8. Accidental Slip

    Hi Mark! I know this post is a little old, but I'm curious about what you decided to do. In the past I've hit some similar situations... you don't realize something wasn't W30 until AFTER you ate it or drank it. So frustrating!
  9. Emotional Pig out

    You are definitely not alone! I have been in the same boat. I'm on Day 17 now, and the past three days I've been totally off. Everything I've eaten has been Whole 30 compliant, but the quantities not so much. I'm a huge stress and emotional eater, and I've managed to focus myself for the first 13-14 days. But then this weekend came and it was like, nope, let's eat allll our feelings and stress again. I totally get feeling discouraged and just down about the whole thing. I think the important thing is to look at how far we have come, and to realize that we aren't going to get everything perfect all the time. I don't know if it's the same for you, but this is my first Whole30. The fact that I'm still on it is a huge win. I've been stress and emotionally eating for most of my life, so to have 14 good days, followed by 3 bad days, is still a win. And then next time around, maybe it will only be 2 bad days, and then back on track. Just keep focusing on trying to change the behavior, and give yourself room to fail, pick yourself back up, and keep going forward. You're already halfway there!
  10. First Whole30 Complete!

    Congrats on completing your Whole30, and thanks for sharing your story! I'm starting tomorrow, and struggle with a lot of the same. This is very encouraging to read
  11. Starting tomorrow, 9/11

    Hi fellow Whole-30ers! I'm new to this forum and to Whole 30. For the most part, I eat about 80% Paleo but have "fallen off the wagon" the past year. I'm really looking to regain my focus and develop a healthy relationship with food and eating in general. My start date is tomorrow! I love carbs and sweets and am usually a heavy night eater, so any tips on how to help the transition and stay on track is greatly appreciated!
  12. Starting Tomorrow if IRMA is nice!

    Hi! I'm starting tomorrow as well I hope IRMA doesn't get in your way and you can get through the next 30 days. Giving up the sweet treat at night will be hard, agreed!