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  1. tbrunhoefer

    Sunflower seed butter

    Sunbutter No Sugar Added. You can find it on Thrive for sure!
  2. tbrunhoefer

    CBD oil supplement?

    While the ingredients seem like to issue in itself, any medication prescribed is allowed.
  3. tbrunhoefer

    TJ Cauliflower Gnocchi

    The cauliflower gnocchi is made to look, feel and taste like REAL pasta. This is very much SWYPO.
  4. tbrunhoefer

    Fruit juice

    Because it’s in a “juiced” form, you aren’t getting the fiber content to help regulate the sugar in the fruit. It’s just a straight sugar hit to the system, especially in a large amount, like a glass.
  5. tbrunhoefer

    Artificial Flavors

    Natural and artificial flavors are ok on the Whole30. However, you may want to research what artificial flavors are made of. You may change your mind.
  6. You are correct, it should be introduced with other reactors, after they have been introduced. And you’re on the right track with the natural version of the sugar. If you really want to add sugar back in, and everything else is still out (grains, dairy, legumes, etc), then I would do your plan and then come back to the other items after you’ve had some time to evaluate the mental and emotional response you had. Obviously you’re aware of you’re desire, or “non-desire”, for the sugar after you’ve had it.
  7. The reintroduction period is important and the schedule is aligned to determine lease likely to cause a reaction, to most likely. Also remembering to try something and go back to clean for three days following is important to guarantee accurate info on the next introduction. This is just my two cents, but you said you were worried about your sugar dragon coming back, if you’re that “excited” about hot chocolate and banana bread, my best guess would be that he will be back. Remember though, it’s your choices, no one else’s!
  8. tbrunhoefer

    Post Workout shake suggestions??

    We, as coaches, recommend eating foods, rather than drinking them. However, I understand if you’re someone who works out, especially if it’s a high intensity workout, you need food! Whether you use it during or after the Whole30, Paleo Pro “Naked”, is 100% clean protein powder.
  9. tbrunhoefer

    Hello Everyone!

    Great question! Unfortunately, dextrose is a form of sugar, and any amount (even 2%), isn’t apart of the program. You could try their Whole30 prosciutto if that would work with your recipe?!
  10. tbrunhoefer

    Hello Everyone!

    I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum! I’m a Whole30 coach out of WI, and I’m helping to moderate the forum this week. If anyone has any questions (doesn’t have to be coaching related), I’m here to help!
  11. tbrunhoefer

    Gum on whole30

    I always find that beef jerky creates a lot of chewing. Maybe try some Beef Thins from The New Primal?
  12. tbrunhoefer

    Is Zipfizz Whole30?

    All the flavors I see on their website have a sweetener that wouldn’t be Whole30 “approved”. If there’s a flavor that isn’t on their site, you’d have to check the ingredients. Good luck!