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  1. Thanks for sharing. A couple things... -Are you feeling full from your meals? I’m assuming yes, as you aren’t snacking, but that isn’t always the case. -It can be hard to recognize all of what IS going right, because your expectations may be skewed from what you “see” others have achieved. My challenge to you is to make a list of what positive things you have noticed. You list the “things that went back”, but have a possible explanation for each, so it could just be “poor timing” to end the W30. This doesn’t mean you should extend it, but you may find that if you give it even a
  2. I would just try to make sure your fulfilled after each meal to begin. You can drill down on portions later.
  3. If you want to send me an IG message, I can add you to the emails. @tifbrunhoefer
  4. By the time you get to reintroduction, you’ll be fine. Meaning, reintro is typically pretty eye opening for most, but in a good way. You’re still fresh off the program that you can easy introduce and then remove as recommended.
  5. Hey everyone, as a W30 coach and someone who loved those daily emails, I created some for my clients. I don’t charge clients right now because my schedule doesn’t allow “in depth” coaching, so if anyone wants to be added to the daily email list or a Facebook group (I can make one), let me know!
  6. I’m sorry you’re struggling. To answer your last question, “is this challenge healthy” ...eliminating the foods as outlined in the W30 is not “un-healthy”. Giving yourself only whole, unprocessed foods will not be harmful. Your body is responding to the lack of these foods, which is more likely thank not, a good thing. I’d take the advice from the others and see if it helps with your symptoms.
  7. I’d recommend doing the W30 and seeing how you feel. You can try the reintroduction then, or keep going. Just don’t overwhelm yourself with a large deadline if you don’t need to.
  8. You are correct, it should be introduced with other reactors, after they have been introduced. And you’re on the right track with the natural version of the sugar. If you really want to add sugar back in, and everything else is still out (grains, dairy, legumes, etc), then I would do your plan and then come back to the other items after you’ve had some time to evaluate the mental and emotional response you had. Obviously you’re aware of you’re desire, or “non-desire”, for the sugar after you’ve had it.
  9. The reintroduction period is important and the schedule is aligned to determine lease likely to cause a reaction, to most likely. Also remembering to try something and go back to clean for three days following is important to guarantee accurate info on the next introduction. This is just my two cents, but you said you were worried about your sugar dragon coming back, if you’re that “excited” about hot chocolate and banana bread, my best guess would be that he will be back. Remember though, it’s your choices, no one else’s!