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  1. Chik0929

    Starting October 8th!

    Day 4! Feeling pretty good today. No more tummy issues. And the weather is finally cooled off here and it feels like fall! So that's a huge boost to my mood. Keeping me from killing the things I guess
  2. Chik0929

    Starting October 8th!

    *wasn't the best
  3. Chik0929

    Starting October 8th!

    TMI: My bowels just had a rebellion and then I got a massive headache. So yeah. Day 3 is.... going. Food tastes great, but maybe upping the fat for the first meal was the best idea. Or my body is just reacting to the higher fiber in all the extra veggies. I'll see how I'm feeling in a few days. And I'll adjust accordingly. Feeling less hungry though!
  4. Chik0929

    Starting October 8th!

    Stay Strong Elizabeth! You are rocking it. Get through this phase and dream of the TIGER BLOOD! haha
  5. Chik0929

    Starting October 8th!

    Day 2 for me. And I feel you @ArtFossil on the hunger. I feel it most between meal one and two. I only had two eggs this morning left by my brother and his family. So tomorrow I will try adding an extra egg and some healthy fat in the form of avocado to maintain my fullness and energy without resorting to carby sweet potatoes. Overall, Day one rocked! We did hill sprints with my running group and I felt strong and didn't have any GI issues. for my preworkout snack I had an avocado deviled egg. It did the trick for sure. I got the energy boost without my stomach going haywire. Today, I am feeling some of the hangover stuff. Headachy. But it could be my allergies. My eyes are BURNING and I'm sneezing up a storm. One side effect I wasn't expecting, but really should have with how bloated I've been, I am peeing a ton. all day long. But that's a good thing. Flush out all that nasty crap. Right now I'm sipping my green tea with vital proteins collagen. Yum! And I swear it's what helps my hair!
  6. Chik0929

    Starting October 8th!

    I'm starting today! I have hashimoto's. Not looking for a miracle, I just want to feel better.