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  1. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 12! A bit headachy today
  2. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 11! Seriously! I keep dreaming that I have eaten something that is not compliant and have to restart/quit. Like every single night. Which is weird because I haven't craved anything off plan. I've been coasting. So I dunno. Maybe I'm too lax about it and my body is afraid that I will accidentally eat something because I'm not paying attention. And the beer in my dream last night was the most disappointing thing in the world! I dreamt that I won a free beer and then they serve me some fruity concoction. ew. But more than 1/3 of the way! YAY!
  3. anyone starting Sept 11???

    You got this Margot! I feel you on the stress. Take some time for yourself to just breathe.
  4. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 10! I'm feeling good. My run last night and lifting this morning has really boosted my spirits. I'm grateful to have exercise as a comfort over food. It took me awhile to get that way, but it makes staying healthy easier. Although this seems to be going by so fast, I still feel like I want to go off compliance some days. And I keep dreaming that I have broken the 30 and I wake up and it takes me a bit to realize I don't have to start over. I'm thinking I may already be tapping into that Tiger blood, but we shall see. I am still having trouble with fueling my runs. I will get some nut butter to have on some sweet potato with a banana for my run saturday and see how I do. I don't want a repeat of last week.
  5. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 9 is going fine! I was able to sleep in this morning before my pup's vet appt. I could definitely use that extra sleep. And then I just cuddled her on the couch until it was time to go. We start her on the prednisone today (we can't afford chemotherapy). But the doc said that because she isn't showing any symptoms, in rare occasions, the steroids have put dogs into remission. I am not getting my hopes up, but it's definitely something to be praying for. Whole30- It's been going really well. It really wasn't a huge adjustment from how I had been eating right before. And I haven't had to change any of my cooking habits, so that helps. I just don't use not compliant ingredients in my food. The only hard part has been planning dinners for school nights. Tuna has been my godsend there. I'm feeling good though. And hope everyone else is too!
  6. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 8 No excessive bloating like the timeline predicts. But I'm just not feeling it today. I don't know what's up but I just want everyone to leave me alone and I feel like just talking is draining. I am an introvert and haven't had any alone time of quality. And on top of that, I've had an excessive amount of socializing time because of the start of school and my boyfriends parents are in town. I think I just need a morning to myself tomorrow. My doggo has an appt at 11, so I will just work from home and enjoy some solitude. 30 is going great foodwise.
  7. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Haha Thanks! It's been amazing to me to see what my body is capable of. A lot of hard work into getting there and beyond.
  8. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thank you everyone for the support! It's been a rough week for the family. I am taking time to just snuggle with my pups and be grateful. Today is Day 7! That week blew by. I think it was because of all of you wonderful people. I am just not hungry today. I was for breakfast and I had a nice filling delicious breakfast. But since then, nothing. I forced myself to eat a salad with tuna for lunch. Doing good though. Getting stuff done.
  9. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 6 10 mile run this morning and I was lagging. Probably a combination of things: beginning of Whole30, haven't been able to run in two weeks from injury, humidity, and ran out of water at mile 7. So not my best planning. But you know what? I still finished it. My legs are KILLING ME now though. Lots of water and stretching ahead of me. Hope everyone is doing great this Saturday!
  10. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 5! So I'm having this weird duality going. I feel tired behind my eyes, but then also crazy energetic. Like my typing right now feels overtime. I think it's because I'm not getting much sleep. Yesterday we got some bad news. We found out one of my dogs has lymphoma. This is after finding out last month that our other dog has a brain tumor. Plus, I lost my dad to cancer a year and a half ago. We can't afford chemo treatments for either dog. They are both older (Terriers, 10 & 15), but it is still pretty devastating. Needless to say, I'm on a bit of an emotional roller coaster this week. But I'm trying really hard to stick to plan, for my mental well being.
  11. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thanks @50andstillhere! I'm not too worried. I have only been running for 6 months, so I haven't gone too far into supplements. I'm much happier to be trying natural solutions for electrolytes and run fuel.
  12. anyone starting Sept 11???

    @madness Happy to have you here and cheer you on! I am planning on doing a Whole50 because I want to wait to do reintroduction after my race. I don't need to have my stomach acting up while I'm trying to run the hilly streets of Baltimore.
  13. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Day 4! Guys, I had a BIG ZIT on my cheek yesterday right before going into meet n greet for the grad student org, I'm the new president of!!!! When I read in the Whole30 Daily for day 3 that things like allergies and acne would get worse yesterday, I was like "okay okay. yeah". AND THEN IT HAPPENED! haha Oh well. If we can't laugh at ourselves, it will be a very tough 30 day ride. Overall I'm starting to feel more energized. But my dreams have been crazy. Definitely dreamt about eating noodles in my soup at a school cafeteria. WHAT? haha The funny part is I remember the before eating the soup and the after eating the soup. My subconscious didn't even let me enjoy the flavor! I'm still having trouble with falling asleep. I am going to try some meditation before bed tonight. I'm so overwhelmed with work and school right now. I think it's interfering with my sleep; which means it's interfering with my healing. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!
  14. anyone starting Sept 11???

    Any time @aussiegal!
  15. anyone starting Sept 11???

    How did training go? What did you find to fuel with. My track workout was not very happy on my stomach. I had a couple of sweet potatoes, but I also had an Epic jerky bar, too. The spices did not sit well, so that is off my list as an option. It was also only day two and I think I was still detoxing a lot. Sorry for the TMI. haha. I was also having trouble breathing because my allergies were through the roof. But my pain was gone. I'm excited to see if anything has improved by my long run on Sat. (I'm thinking 10 miles depending on how my hip feels). and then track workouts next week.