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  1. Introduction

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I think I am on the right track and good for now. I am really enjoying cooking my meals and waiting to crack the cravings. Another question for you...sesame seeds and flax seeds that ok? I have been using both as a topping for my salad. Thanks! Neha
  2. Introduction

    Thanks so much for your reply. I feel much better today. Tummy has half settled. Yes, I was eating everything before must be a jolt for my body. Glad that you clarified that juice should not be an option. Also, have a few more questions..1) is there any restriction on quantity ? 2) what's the allowed quantity of clarified butter or Olive oil ? 3) can we eat potato/ sweet potato ? 4) what should be the amount of nuts that one can eat ? Can we have raisins ? It takes care of the sweet urge... 5) eggs...can be the full egg or white is preferred? 6) I am having a multivitamin tablet called supradyn along with breakfast...and a shelcal 500 with dinner. I hope that won't clash with this... My aim along with feeling good is to also lose weight. Is there an expectation that I can set here ? I also workout 5 days a week in the morning and walk in the evening. Look forward to your reply. Cheers! Neha
  3. Introduction

    Hello everybody, My name is Neha Tripathi. I just started the whole 30 program yesterday. Today is my day 2. I feel otherwise great. Just that I have severe diarrhea. Is this normal ? Is this something that's common ? I have been eating eggs for breakfast with grilled tomatoes, a warm salad and soup for lunch and 2 pieces of grilled chicken with salad for dinner. Yesterday I also had a fresh mixed fruit juice. I am really excited to do this. I want to lose weight and feel good and healthy. This diarrhea is bothering me. Pls advice. Thanks