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  1. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    My sister is doing whole30 with me and she just called me in tears....a pair of pants she has never been able to fit (or rather she put on but was falling out of) fit perfectly!!! She said she's never experienced that before and she is over the moon!! I'm so happy for her. She's worked so hard with this along with working out. I'm still struggling with energy...I went out for a 14km run Saturday morning and could managed to do 7km. It was tough. I'm used to running long distances like that, but definitely feeling my energy levels have lowered. That being said, I'm happy to report I haven't felt like I'm missing out (we had a party to attend Saturday night with junk food and drinks and I was totally fine!) No cravings and satisfaction is such an amazing thing!!
  2. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hey guys! Sorry I've been MIA and need to catch up! Still hanging in there and feel amazing! Although insomnia has been kicking my butt the last two weeks (I have a move at the end of the month and we still haven't bought a house! eeek! Also mom of a 9month old teether! haha). We're doing great! learning to fuel for my runs and exercises....although I can get through them, I am feeling a bit sluggish!
  3. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thanks Shannon. I'm finding it difficult as we're doing the AIP...but more protein, fats and vegetables I'll incorporate! Thank you. Day 3 and still hanging in there. I'm going to bed super early and feeling rested! Today is surprisingly going well. I'm looking forward to Lasagna tonight! I also having training (half marathon training) so I'm a little nervous to see how that goes. Typically I would take a pre workout shake...but thats not compliant so we shall see!
  4. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Help! I'm looking at idea's for my husband while at work. He has a physically demanding job and has been feeling hungry, I know it's only day 3...but I need to think of something that will help him through this!
  5. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi Meg! Thats super helpful information!! I'm running the Royal Victoria Marathon in October (although doing the half marathon). This is my second post baby half marathon so I was hoping to do a better time then mine in May. That being said, I'm not going to be too hard on myself! Would love to share tips with you!! Thanks for reaching out! I need fellow runner for support!
  6. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Thank you madness!! This is inspiring! I'm going to read it to my husband when he gets home from work!! I have always said to him I think if we changed his diet to find out his triggers, he would no longer have to deal with it!
  7. KarliGrace

    anyone starting Sept 11???

    Hi All! I've read your posts and I'm glad theres quite a few of you who started yesterday! To LAdy49er, you're inspiring. That is truly the definition of mom. The only way to help your daughter succeed is by YOU leading by example! WAY TO GO! I'm wishing you both much success!! A bit about me....I'm currently on Mat Leave with my 9 month old son. My husband and I are very active people and for the most part eat clean, but we've derailed over the summer. Patio drinks, BBQ's, family vacation...isn't helping the post baby, post school weight, energy levels, skin, hormones etc. My husband has psoriasis so we're doing the autoimmune protocol and I must say, its seems A LOT harder then the Whole 30, especially because my husband has a physical job and plays sports, so simple proteins like eggs and nuts aren't compliant with the autoimmune protocol . However, I subscribed to the "RealPlan" to help assist me in meal planning and ideas. BEST $15 spent. Especially when you're following the autoimmune diet. Since I'm introducing my son to solids I thought Whole30 was the perfect way to do it. He can eat with us, plus it forces me to sit down and eat with him. I'm a runner and I am a little worried about an upcoming half marathon race in October. Typically on a long run I take a gel (basically sugar) to help performance, but obviously I won't be able too. This will be a good test to see how I can come up with alternatives to give me that energy. Day 1 was pretty successful, my husband, mom, aunt and sister are all doing it, so we've got great support. My husband and I both had a major headache last night (detox much?! haha) and since he can't have aspirin (part of the autoimmune protocol) I used a blend of essential oils and it was successful! On that note, does anyone know if you can have Green Tea?