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    9/13 Start

    Hey @Rottiegirl2017 - thanks for the reply and congrats on finishing round 1! I hope you're feeling much better today. Hang in there! Unfortunately, I'm kind of in the same boat - my tummy has been off since yesterday. I don't remember this happening the first time around! Really eager to get past this. Other than that, it's been going well. Maybe a mild hangover feeling the first few days, but haven't wanted to kill all the things. I've already noticed a major improvement in sleep (which as you know with a toddler is EVERYTHING!) I was also able to do a ton of prep over the weekend, so feeling very prepared for the week ahead. It's such a great feeling to open up a fridge full of compliant options! Good for you for staying strong with a house of non-whole 30ers... my husband is doing it with me (with a few tweaks) so that part has been nice. I think you should get bonus points for doing it with non-compliant foods in the house, ha. I'm curious - what made you decide to do 2 rounds? Are you adopting this permanently? I love the food and don't have a problem with eating this way most of the time, but I do love me some wine, cheese, ice cream, etc - so I'll need to make room for indulgences... it's always so hard to find that balance, though
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    9/13 Start

    Hi! Anyone else starting tomorrow? This will be my 2nd round (first was over a year ago) - I'm excited to feel good again, but I definitely don't feel very prepared at the moment. Over the weekend I'll have a chance to meal prep, but for the next few days it's going to be a struggle. My toddler isn't the most patient little human and I can already see the meltdowns coming when I have to spend more than 5 seconds preparing food. Oh well, I'm gonna jump in anyway! Would love to connect with others this time around if anyone's interested!