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  1. First Day! Motivated and feeling good! Sept 18, 2017

    Good morning all! Made it through day 1! It was my daughters bday yesterday so I took her to Chipotle. Googled how to eat there whole30 and had a salad with vinaigrette dressing and some carnita meat.. I was disappointed when I was looking at my plate while paying but it was actually really good and pretty darn filling! I have to say I was pretty hungry all day although I snacked literally all day. Carrots, cucumbers, apple wedges, dried apricot. I forgot my almond milk for coffee so I just drank tea which was ok. Day 2 so far I have a tummy ache. Ate my egg muffin tin creations and not currently hungry at all.. yay!
  2. First Day! Motivated and feeling good! Sept 18, 2017

    So far so good.. #day1 coffee with almond milk was definitely not my fav but tolerable. Eating my pre prepped muffin eggs with diced up red peppers and sausage/ham. Pretty yummy.. snacking on dried apricots. About to make some tea since I forgot my almond milk for my coffee.
  3. New Here

    Hi there! My name is Barbi and I am starting Whole30 for the first time on Monday, September 18th!