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  1. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    Thanks for all of the kind words and advice everyone -- this forum is definitely helping me get through this first week! @dmrob2009 I am with you on the sleep -- although mine is weird. I am waking up a couple times in the night, but usually just to pee because i have been drinking so much water to keep me full and not craving. When I wake up, I am actually pretty relaxed, and fall back to sleep OK. Same with the morning - I am actually falling asleep earlier than normal so I am also waking a little earlier, but I am feeling decent when I wake up. A solid night of sleep would be great though! Also, thanks @Tj V @dmrob2009 @DrewMc for the affirmation on the eggs and mixing it up -- total "Aha" moment for me -- I can def do a day without eggs, get my protein from other meat, nothing says I can't!! This forum has been interesting to me. I know I haven't read the book for a while, but I do not remember what it said about "starting over". I have seen that mentioned in this forum a few times now, and just felt like adding my two cents. I am a pretty OCD rule-follower type person with this stuff, but I have also realized just in these last four days, that this Whole30 thing is about more than just doing the plan for 30 days -- it is about changing our relationship with food forever. I have had two "slips" - two days ago, I had two wheat thins and three peanuts in between a long stretch of time between meals before @tayrex03 set me straight on the "extra" meal for those of us exercising at a decent pace, and another this morning when I had two slices of bacon with my eggs. Granted -- that means that both times, I did not follow the Whole30 to the letter of the law. But to me, what is important is that I was aware both times that what I was doing wasn't according to plan, and I also checked the sugar content of both before eating. For me personally, this entire experience is about breaking my addiction to sugar and processed foods, and those two little slip ups are not keeping me from that goal. I have shaved probably 150+ grams of sugar out of my diet each day for the past four days. That is HUGE for me, and I will be OK with myself still being on "Day 4" even though those two times I backslid. I recognize everyone is different -- but I guess my point in this rant is to 1) reaffirm for myself what my goals and focus are, and 2) offer encouragement to anyone that simply because you accidentally didn't follow the plan, or fudged ever so slightly, that you've still got this, and that we just need to stay focused moving forward! Sorry to ramble everyone -- I am feeling very proud of my efforts so far but I am very hard on myself and start to doubt when I read things about what is and is not allowed on the plan
  2. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    Good morning everyone - how is everyone holding up? Not gonna lie, these scrambled eggs with diced peppers and tomatoes are not very appealing this morning But the end result is worth it so I'm going to grind it out. @Tj V how is the headache pal? Hope you are hanging tough. Have a great day everyone, we can do this!
  3. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    LOL @tayrex03, that is about how I felt last night, love that I am not alone in this. And I am also struggling with the athletic/active thing. I need more calories every day, and I think that I need to add in a snack meal mid-afternoon prior to exercising - some turkey meat, etc. @Tj V I am not starting over at Day 1 -- I think my body still understands the idea of what I am doing to it - it is my brain that needs the training and the abstention from sugar and sweets. @Mike5858 I'm right there with you -- eating is not real exciting to me right now, and breakfast was tough. I think that means it is working though
  4. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    Hi all -- hope everyone is making out OK. I had a little fall from grace yesterday afternoon, from the time I ate lunch to the time I ate dinner was about 8 hours, and in between I went to my daughters' cross country meet and then ran 3 miles myself. I ate 3 peanuts and 2 wheat thins crackers on the way out the door. Felt guilty as hell -- but if that is as big of a slip-up as I am going to make, I will live with it. Woke up last night with clogged nose and headache, and was worried that the sugar detox headache was going to overwhelm me. But I took two advil and was able to go back to sleep - I don't remember if advil is frowned upon? @Svmomma I am in the same boat as you - just eating three times is foreign to me, I always subscribed to the "energy balance" graze all day theory, but I have a feeling that after the Whole30, our energy balance will be "reset" so to speak, because I am finding that I am usually pretty full after my meals as well. Good luck today everyone!
  5. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    @kirbz you've got this! Pray for some bacon-wrapped scallops, station yourself at the door when they come out, and have at it!
  6. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    @kirbz @DrewMc @Tj V @Tara R @AthenaC @Momo MK @R_Stan06 @3boysandagirl @Mike5858 @AH117 @PennyJane @Nancy61 @kitkat90 @tayrex03 LET'S GOOO!!!!!!! We can do this! Woke up a little hungry, and still feeling a little hungry and foggy after breakfast. Walked into the faculty room and there on the table was a box of donut holes...just calling my name. But I walked right past. I was going to go back -- but then I came on here, and realized that I am not alone! Gonna persevere through whatever I go through these next few days, so that I can feel good like @AthenaC mentioned. Hang tough through the headaches, the fatigue, the sniffles, the cravings, etc. everyone -- WE CAN DO THIS!!!! "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"...
  7. Brad C

    Starting Sept 18th

    Good luck to you and your fiance, Drew! There are lots of us in the same boat. I keep joking with my wife and daughters that I will quit drinking soda and eating better "on Monday" -- well, here we are! Hope your first day is going well - good things are in store for you both!
  8. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    WOW! This group size is awesome -- definitely hoping that we can all pull each other along these next weeks. Great to see so many people starting today. Today is quite a different day. Usually, I drive through McDonald's and get the large soda (only $1, so might as well get the largest size possible!) and a couple biscuits, or else Sunoco fountain soda and donuts. Today, I made myself a nice omelet with peppers and tomato. I am a teacher, and normally munch at our "team meeting" on cookies, popcorn, etc. -- today, just a small handful of cashews to try and manage my energy balance going cold turkey on everything. Normally, on my way home I eat a pack of cupcakes or something, or else binge on some junk food when I get home from getting my daughter from school. Today -- nothing. Waiting for my chicken and steamed broccoli for dinner. It is amazing to me how much eating has been mental for me. I was not hungry until about 15 minutes before I ate lunch. I am not hungry now. But I feel like I NEED to eat to comfort myself. Several times my mind wandered to a nice cold sugary cherry coke or the cookies in my classroom pantry that the team shares. But then I remind myself that I don't need any of that, and that I am just poisoning myself with it. I know that after dinner will be tough, as I also like to munch on some cookies and milk for dessert. But I am going to have all of you right there with me tonight, and instead of those choices, I am going to just do some working out with weights, and then do a little mindfulness/relaxation and read before bed. I'm glad to hear that I was not the only one nervous for today! I too am excited to have better energy, sleep patterns, and clearer sinuses (among other things), but I was truly nervous this morning (and am still a little nit nervous, as I worry that I am going to let myself and everyone else down). I know that the next few days and week(s) will be tough as I go through the sugar/bad carb withdrawals, but with all of your help, I look forward to turning over that new leaf we are all hoping for. Even though I don't know any of you - I am considering myself as just one member of the "September 18th" team. I am pulling for each and every one of you to reach your goals, to develop new relationships with eating, and to reach greater levels of health and happiness! I hope to check in tonight, but if not -- stay strong team, and I look forward to reading all of your successes and fears and stories and everything else soon!
  9. Brad C

    September 18 start date

    TJ - I am also planning on starting on September 18th. I am very nervous about this -- I have had the book for over a year, and have shared info with my parents, but this is the first time I am serious about starting it for myself. I am a pretty athletic guy, but I have been eating like CRAP the last year or so, with lots of sugar, soda, processed food, etc. I am anxious to start so I can have better energy, sleep better, etc. Looking forward to propping you up along the way if possible, and vice versa. Good luck to you and hope to hear of your (and your mom's) successes!