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    dmrob2009 reacted to Mike5858 in September 18 start date   
    Food Freedom Forever is an outstanding book.  The simplicity of what Melissa is saying is incredible, but right on.  I'm about 60% done with it, and wish I had finished it sooner.  You can skip over the part where she explains what is "reset" is and how Whole 30 and others work, you've already done that!  If you have this book, read it, you'll be very glad you did.  Awesome job on those SRV's by the way!  You really rocked this program!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Mike5858 in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    Great info and awareness here!  Sounds like drinking for you is going to be like pasta for me, "special occasions" or as they say in the "Food Freedom Forever" book, when I decide the consequences are worth it.  Glad to hear you're doing better.  I feel 100% better today after going back to W30 compliant yesterday.  We will be trying wine on Saturday.  Nothing special, just the same Merlot we always enjoyed.  I hope it goes well, as the weekend drink and relaxation that goes with it, is something I have really missed.  
    Have a great weekend everybody!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Mike5858 in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    You bring up some great points.  It can be tough to stay on track when things are not readily available or cost effective.  One thing I will be working on in the coming weeks, is sourcing meats locally.  Mail order meat is just silly expensive, and I refuse to do it.  I've got a connection out in western Missouri, and I'm going to look into buying grass fed beef in bulk.  Chicken (free range) is not as bad, and  pastured eggs seem to be to be on sale now and then.  Fish is an issue living here in St. Louis.  Wild salmon is ok priced, but I wish there was more variety.  I'm learning to make more meals with shrimp, as that's a good option here.  Salt water fish is just crazy expensive here in the heartland, and I just can't eat Tilapia or catfish.
    Nice list of NSV's Corgilover!  I am impressed with how you made your road trip work.  Just takes a little work and seems to be well worth it!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to SineadMon in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    How is everyone doing today guys? I've been logging in here to see how you are all doing and ye are amazing - the level of awareness you have around the different food groups and reintros is fantastic! Also, isn't it interesting how most people introduced something different (grains; alcohol; soda) and the reaction was all different (but the same!)
    Hope the difficult spell of reintro has passed for most of you and welcome back to the W30 over the next few days!
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    Hi everyone.  I have been out of touch since early Wed am, as I've been traveling.  Sounds like some lessons being learned, I'm actually becoming less interested in reintroducing things over the past day or two. I'm wondering if it is worth it!  I left early Wed to drive the 12 hours or so to my mother's house.  I ate a couple slices of bacon and some eggs scrambled in ghee at home, and had grapes, a couple apples, La Croix and some almonds for the car.  Did okay all day, but ran into a significant traffic issue that put me about three hours behind schedule.  When I realized I wouldn't arrive till midnight or later, I decided to stop around dark and drive the last four hours this morning.  I checked into a motel, then walked across the street to the chain restaurant where I figured I could get take out and go back to my room.  I ended up sitting at the bar while waiting, so I decided on the fly to add back wine.  I had been planning to do gluten free grits here at mom's house first, but got a glass of wine last night instead.  Ordered grilled salmon, roasted brussels sprouts and a plain baked potato, took them back to the motel and ate (with ghee from the car on the potato) and slept well.  I felt good this morning, drove the rest of the way, and explained the eating to my mom when I got here.  She is fine with it, I knew there wouldn't be an issue, she eats like a bird (all gluten free, she is true celiac, biopsy proven) and I do the cooking when here.  I had a  boiled egg and cantaloupe for breakfast at the motel, with black coffee, but by the time I got here mid-day my stomach was starting to rumble.  Still is, but I'm thinking I overdid the fruit yesterday, as I ate a large bag of grapes in the car, something I normally don't eat so much of.  
    I'm up in the middle of the night, once more, but I think because I went to bed pretty early, and it is just the stress of a ton of things I have to do here the next few days before driving back Monday.  I had a very eye opening trip today to the supermarket, which made me realize how hard this would be for so many people, and how lucky I've been.  I surveyed my mom's fridge and went out mid-afternoon to pick up some supplies for the next few days.  I had brought with me ghee and almond butter, but figured I could pick up the makings for the weekend otherwise.  I live in Tampa, a very large city that is extremely diverse, and I can get almost anything I want in the stores there, from Costco to Publix to WF.  My mom lives in a middle sized city in Tennessee.  I first went to the little supermarket near my mom's house, where I could not find one thing I wanted to eat.  I left there and went to the really big, "nice", extremely well stocked supermarket in town, figuring I'd pay more for "fancy" things like good oils and such, but I could find what I wanted.  Not.  I wanted salmon fillets (I'm salmon addicted, seriously) and there was literally one package of two fillets in the whole store that was not farmed, and very little even of that.  Grabbed that, and went looking for some other fish.  No non-farmed shrimp, finally found one package of frozen wild caught mahi, and that was it.  They did have some grass fed ground beef, although I passed on it, but the poultry selection was similar to the salmon.  Some puny avocados for two and three times what I pay at home (expected that), few pre-packaged organic salad mixes that were vastly higher $ than I'm used to, and some other veggies for salad.  One little 4 oz can of avocado oil for ten bucks, and some pasture raised eggs... I spent $70 for enough to last me two days, maybe, and the selection of offerings was miniscule.  If I still lived here (I left in 2001) I don't know if I could have gotten through the past month unless I mail ordered everything.  Tomorrow, we are going to mom's fav little "natural food" store, which I've always pooh-poohed as a place for packaged gluten free processed food, but now I'm interested to see if they have a better selection of at least things like oils, maybe a Primal Kitchen mayo (I make my own, but mom doesn't have a proper blender), coconut aminos, really anything that will make cooking here a bit easier for the next few days.  I take my hat off to those of you who have done this for 30 days living in places with similar limitations.  It would have made the challenge so much harder, and I'm realizing I'm very lucky.  
    The wine last night didn't seem to bother me, it was just one glass, and tonight I had the salmon and salad with olive oil and wine vinegar, so I'm on w30 again tomorrow.  If the stomach rumbling is gone, I'll do gluten free grain Sat with grits in am.  My sister, niece and mom all want to go to "our" fav Mexican restaurant Sat.  I know the menu backward, it's been here for decades and we've spent nearly every special day there in the past.  I can have the tortilla chips if I'm doing grain, pass on the cheese dip but okay with salsa and guac, and I can get fajitas and eat with a fork off the skillet instead of tortillas.  It's how I eat them anyway.  Sunday will be a test, afterward, and I'll stay back on w30 until I get back home Monday night.  I'm taking it very slow.  
    I have not had time to go through the actual NSV check list, but my list in my head is:  almost no carb cravings, a new thing for me.  Better sleep by a long shot.  Got the Nexium monkey off my back, no more heartburn.   Much less stress, based on the probably not at all scientific measure of the little sensor on my phone, but it now measures "low" all the time, when previously it was always "high".  Markedly less tired during the day, and I realized last night I've learned to tell the difference between tired and sleepy.  Last night, I was sleepy, got up early, drove all day, but physically still had energy.  Big difference for me.  I did lose 6 pounds, but my clothes seem looser than that, which I think reflects the fact that I'm exercising more and better lately.  All in all, so far so good.  Your experiences with beer (I hate it, so no prob) and gluten are very helpful, and enlightening.  I hope everyone is feeling better.  
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    @kirbz This is so amazing and inspirational!!! Absolutely incredible I will definitely check in with my NSVs and SVs next week, but I'm also thinking of continuing the program. The stories of reintroduction from @dmrob2009, @Svmomma, @Mike5858 and @Tj V are incredibly enlightening. Also, it just shows how much this program has been a lifestyle change rather than just a detox or reset. 
    Before this program, I rarely ate gluten or dairy, beans and legumes if they happened to come with a dish and I would socially drink alcohol. Sugar was the main thing for me, and also my main trigger. As I read into reintro more, they suggest keeping away from sugar (for all the reasons we know of and all of the research support in the book) so I'm wondering if I could just find a happy medium with keeping the main tenets of the program going. I will spend time over the weekend reading up about it some more, but I think this might work for me.
    And like @dmrob2009and @Tj V, maybe develop some kind of mix between Paleo, Keto and Bright Living so that I feel I can still have dessert if I wanted, or morning pancakes etc. I know this won't technically be W30 and so I'm sorry if this breaks the rules of the forum, but based on the teachings of Food Freedom Forever, I'm trying to figure out what will work for me. Also @kirbz I'm only a few chapters into the FFF book and it's great!
    Thanks so much for all of your support guys.. I took some time to go for a walk yesterday after reading all your comments and I'm recommitted to working on creating and maintaining a healthy approach to food and life You guys rock!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Svmomma in September 18 start date   
    Umm, your list is long and something you should be proud of!  
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Tj V in September 18 start date   
    Wowzers!! Great job!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to kirbz in September 18 start date   
    Okay so, here are my official results after 34 days of Whole30: 
    Body Results
    lost 15.5 pounds lost 3.5" in my bust  lost 3.5" in my hips lost 2.75" in my waist lost 2" in my thighs Heart Health Results
    resting heart rate went down from 71 to 55 V02 max went from 30 to 35  NSVs
    fewer blemishes  flatter stomach leaner appearance  clothes fitting better wedding ring fitting better  feeling more confident in my appearance less painful joints less heartburn  less knee pain  fewer carb cravings  improved body image  feeling in control of my food eats to satiety  listens to my body  no longer use food for comfort no longer use food as reward more nutrition in my diet  food no longer has unwanted side effects Results Not Achieved (and the reason I'm sticking with this for a while longer)
    fewer sugar cravings  think more clearly  feel more productive sleep more soundly  energy levels are higher  energy levels are more even  more energy in the morning  can exercise longer, harder, or faster 
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    dmrob2009 reacted to kirbz in September 18 start date   
    @SineadMon Oh goodness, I can completely relate to how you're feeling. Except mine came on Day 31. I had planned for quite some time to continue on another week so I was not planning on anything special for Day 31. But I was on a simple trip to the grocery store and my mind went out of control! I wanted the cake, and the donuts, and the candy bars, and the ice cream, and the pizza. I deserved those things because I worked so hard and I was so good for 30 whole days! I should reward myself! Why on earth was I working so hard if I didn't get to occasionally enjoy something nice for myself!?
    It was a minefield and a total mental screwup. I made it through but it's definitely a lot harder now that I've officially finished the program. But, honestly, that mental battle made me realize that I don't think I'm quite ready for reintroductions yet. I still need to develop a little more control... Or maybe I'm just scared to live in the real world of eating again! 
    I have the Food Freedom Forever book but haven't read it yet. Is it worth the read? Would it help me with my challenges? 
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Tj V in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    @Svmomma, was it you who gave us that cashew crusted chicken recipe? I know it was on the other post, but I can't find it. Or was it @dmrob2009?
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Tj V in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    You rock! Thanks!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Svmomma in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    It was me.  Don't know if this breaks copy write rules, but here it is.
    Healthy Crusted Chicken Strips.pdf
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Mike5858 in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    I'm doing much better now, it was just a rough few hours this morning.  Thanks for the well wishes, and I hope everyone is on the rebound soon.  This reintro is like a cruel joke!  LOL  Work hard for 30 days and come out feeling great, only to wreck it in one day!  Lesson learned for me.  I learned to really enjoy the W30 compliant meat sauce I make over spaghetti squash, no need for pasta.  I think going forward, my choice when it comes to pasta (one of my all time favorite foods, by the way), will be to only indulge in good restaurants.  Fortunately we have several here in St. Louis.  I truly believe this (pasta) might turn into a 2-3 times a year thing.  I'm willing to do that, if I can feel the way I did two days ago, forever!  The great pizza experiment will be coming in a week or two, and we will see how that goes.  Being honest with myself, I have to say that getting a pizza is at least 80% of the time, because I'm too lazy to go to the store or cook.  Pizza Hut, Domino's, Papa John's, that sort of thing.  Now that I've found I can make a healthy meal pretty quickly, I need to re-think my actions.  A fabulous, one of a kind family owned pizzaria pizza, is one thing to be treasured.  I can give up the "McPizza" I eat too often.  Thanks for reading my rant, I'll let you know how that works out in a week or so (it will combine dairy and gluten, so I need to figure that out).  Tonight is a nice steak ka-bob on the grill and some roasted sweet potatoes.
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    Thanks! I'm ok today. It was a rough night though. I hope you feel better soon. I don't know if it was soda or the grease! But...ugh! Hey...btw...can you give me the link to the reintro group again? I lost it. Thanks!
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    @Tj V one thing is for certain, this program really makes us think about our decisions regarding food.  I'm in recovery mode, too, from reintro.  LOL. Hope you feel better soon!  
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    dmrob2009 reacted to SineadMon in September 18 start date   
    Thanks so much @dmrob2009. The main reason I wanted to voice these feelings here, and now, was to help prepare myself for next week. I know food freedom is a long journey with many twists and turns, and i'm so proud that all of us were able to take this on and learn so much from it. This will be the first time I've fully completed a W30 and so I suppose I had this idea that it was going to completely remove any type of cravings or bingeing forever!!!! Today I need to make peace with the fact that I've learned so so much and that I can use that information going forward. I do agree the reintro period is going to be so important and I've been following you and @Mike5858's experience this morning. So enlightening! I suppose it doesn't matter whether this is your first or 10th W30, always so much to learn and our bodies are always changing and responding. Thanks so much for the support!!
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    In all honesty...I ate at a fast food joint...because I worked my butt off in the yard and grooming 3 dogs and my back hurt and...well, I wanted it. It was easy. It DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL GOOD or satisfied. In fact, I felt crappy and bloated and sort of sick to my stomach! The grass is not always greener where we were before and if it was...we wouldn't be here in the first place! So, hang in there, @SineadMon! I hope my experience helps to curb your cravings.
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Mike5858 in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    Thanks dmrob2009, and back at you, hope you're feeling better.  Wow, alcohol is next up for reintro on Saturday for us.  Hope it's not that bad!  I was surprised at my reaction to the gluten, but then again, maybe I shouldn't have been as a pasta meal was never followed by much more than sitting around by me!  I now wonder if I missed bread or the ease of making a sandwich.  In any case, gluten, for now has been put into the "is it worth it?" file.  Maybe special occasions, but I don't like the way I feel today, that's for sure.  It's getting better, but the only difference between now and two days ago is the gluten.  Portion control would probably help too, since I was eating like a man going to the electric chair until I caught myself! 
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    Girl, this is totally normal.  Many of us are here because we have an unhealthy relationship with food.  I absolutely LOVE cake, ice cream and chocolate.  I am a baker and just love this time of year because I have lots of opportunities to bake... and eat!  Sigh.  But I've been putting on winter layers for the last 3 years, about 10lbs each year, that are becoming difficult to get off.  That's why I'm here now and using this Whole 30, not for weight loss, but to attempt a change in the way I feel about food.  Reintro is a vital part of this.  Not sure if you've been on the reintro thread today or not, but I urge you to jump on and see what's happening.  This is truly VERY  eye opening and I'm back in the comfort zone of Whole 30 compliance for the next two days.  This is the first reintro that I've attempted in 3 Whole 30's.   It's an experience that you do not want to miss out on. I'm already finding that negative effects from alcohol reintro are shaping my desire to partake in craft beer (gluten free), which I love.  I just cannot do beer anymore.  It doesn't agree... at all.  I guess my point is... you've come this far.  Just hang in there and get yourself through reintro.  You'll thank yourself later.  
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    Hi all.. Day25 for me! I had such a long day at work yesterday that I'm truly exhausted.. but I wanted to come on here and seek your advice/support/thoughts about the next few days/weeks. Probably due to the stress and tiredness over the last few days, I've found myself getting really excited about finishing the program -  but really so that I can eat ALL OF THE THINGS! I completely understand the logic of the reintro and the program and I do believe I can change this mindset over the next few days (before Day30!) but I would like your help. 
    Did any of you feel this near the end? Like I have had some many NSVs and am feeling good and able to finish the next few days. But I'm also worried about being 'off the program' or "falling off the wagon" a bit. Also, there's a bit of me that is just thinking - girl, you've got this far, now hit that candy aisle and enjoy all the things you couldn't have (REALLY BAD MINDSET, I know!). One of my issues before this program (and one of my main WHY's coming in!) was because I tended to comfort eat on candy and food a lot, and some times I really enjoyed to sit in front of the TV in the evening with some cookies and candy and just unwind. And I'm just getting worried now that when the program ends, I won't have the same focus - I think it's also driven by the fact that I seem to be counting down the hours until Day30, even though I feel great (albeit tired and cranky this morning, sorry!)
    Anyone else struggle with this? 
    I know you're all on your reintro and sorry to be asking all this, but if you do have any insights it would be great!!
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    That's amazing @AH117.. Some serious NSVs and SVs!
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    Day 32... We finished strong and have kind of kept going, minus two glasses of wine last night!

    I'm down 5.3 lbs and my sugar cravings are gone. So are the (formerly) compulsive afternoon and evening snacks that just kept going and going. 
    We're not sure what the future looks like, but we've formed some good new habits these last 4 weeks and are continuing those for now!
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    dmrob2009 reacted to Mike5858 in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    Good morning everyone.  Well, day 1 of the reintro was interesting.  I chose to start with gluten containing grains.  I had whole wheat bread with breakfast and lunch, and whole wheat pasta and Italian bread for dinner.  Somewhere along the way it didn't totally agree with me.  I felt a little bloated after dinner last night (to be fair, I over ate, and ate too fast, things I need to work on) and later in the night I was actually having some stomach cramps.  Not terribly severe, but I had not experienced these during my W30.  I'm not 100% convinced it's all because of reintroducing grains, but it's certainly a watch out, as I still feel "off" this morning.  It's back to W30 compliant meals for a few days.  My wife, although not having the same issues with grain I did, said she did feel a bit bloated.  She said what she really felt was guilty for some reason.  We had been so good, and were both feeling so much better, that it felt "weird" to go back, at least a little, to our old ways.  We talked a lot about it, and agreed we need to figure this out.  As I was continuing to read "Food Freedom Forever" last night, a lot of these topics were covered (eating too fast, making decisions, feeling of guilt after the program is over).  I guess I should have started the book a lot sooner!  LOL  I highly suggest the book.  It's almost like Melissa is talking to me.  It's exactly what I've been looking for in strategy to improve my relationship with food.  Although she talks about doing multiple W30's if you need to, that's not my goal.  It's good to know that it's an option, but I would much prefer to do a "mini reset" now and then (two weeks or less).  We will see what works for us I suppose.  How did everyone else's reintro go?
    Have a great day!
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    Glad you're here!  I'm really looking forward to a little  red wine tomorrow!