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  1. mistake - help needed

    Thank you Susan - that is so encouraging! I'm loving the imagery of dexter disposing of my scale. I'm going to give it a solid two weeks without grains and then evaluate. The happy place - I want to go to there!
  2. mistake - help needed

    Thank you moluv, that's a really great perspective! I just assumed that because I didn't have an immediate reaction, that rice must be safe (or at least not bad). i'll give it a try and see how it goes. it definitely can't hurt!
  3. mistake - help needed

    haha thanks moluv. me too. . . Thank you for the advice Tom. I apologize, I should have been more clear. When I say 'unhealthy,' I don't mean doritos or cake or whatnot. Moreso stretching the limits of paleo. So while I've been ignoring the work breakfast bagels (and feeling great about that!), I have been getting rice with my thai food, maybe a spicy tuna roll instead of my normal sashimi. Rice doesn't upset my stomach, so I've been testing it out. Wheat makes me feel terrible so I haven't had any. My impression was that I've been slippery sloping things, while the scale seems to imply that I've been spiraling out of control. It's frustrating. I guess I'm just confused as to how I could gain more in the month post-w30, than I did during the holiday season when I threw all caution and sense to the wind and ate like garbage. I know in my bones that I'm not ready to do another whole30 right now. I'm worried that if I try, and fail, I'll be in much worse shape than when I started. I'm trying to not feel hopeless - I'm sorry if I come off whiny!
  4. Hi everyone! I completed my first successful whole30 on January 30th. I really enjoyed the program, and felt great. Since then, I've been struggling to find balance. I miss the strict rules, but also don't want to immediately jump into another whole30 because I'm not sure if I could handle it socially and professionally (tons of work events that involve food). I enjoyed doing the w30 in January, since it was easy to turn down social events in an effort to stick to the plan. I knew that it wasn't a long-term strategy, but it helped to get me through the 30 days. I lost about 3 pounds during the w30. Since then I've been trying my best to eat as well as I can, but I have had some slip-ups. I've been proud of myself for not falling off the wagon completely. It feels amazing to eat something non-optimal, and then get right back on track the following morning. If I had to sum it up, I'd say that an average of 70% of the food I'm eating is of the type to make me healthier. But that leaves 30% of 'cheats,' 'indulgences,' or alcohol. I had planned to weigh myself only once a month, and although it's been difficult, I stuck to it. I weighed myself on Monday, and was really shocked and disappointed to see that not only had I gained the 3 pounds back, I'd somehow gained an additional 5. Is this even possible? I didn't spend February binging. Rather, I prepared and ate awesome w30/paleo meals the majority of the time, and indulged too much on maybe a few too many occasions. Sorry to ramble, but I just feel lost. I thought I was moving towards being in a better place in regards to both my health and my relationship with food. It's depressing to think of all of the hard work I put in in January being wiped out by my rocky reintroduction. And I don't know what to do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
  5. i have no advice to offer, but just know that i am right there with you. everything is a special occasion! if only there were a second whole30 that could teach the concept of practical moderation. i can't take the training wheels off yet, but know that i'm not ready to dive back into another whole30!
  6. @mrsstick - you can still make the pickles without the sugar. I HATE sweet tasting pickles, so I've modified many a refrigerator pickle recipe. They taste so much better without the sugar, and since you're keeping them in the refrigerator anyway, I don't think the sugar has much of a preservative effect. I eat them so quickly that it's never been a problem. Just never modify any kind of pickle recipe that calls for water bath or pressure canning.
  7. How much do you off-road?

    So happy for this thread! I'm a little over a week into reintroduction and I'm feeling ilke garbage. We ordered Indian takeout for the snowstorm on Friday, and that combined with way too much wine led into a very noncompliant hangover on Saturday. I'm trying to dig myself out of the rubble, but it's hard not to feel like a failure! I'm back to strict compliance today, and will try my best to stick to it this week (heading to Atlantic City for a quick getaway, could be trouble). Things were easier when I could just say no! I want out of the cycle of overeating/guilt, but I don't know that the answer is to dive right back into another whole 30. I'm trying to look at it one day at a time, but it's definitely not easy.
  8. glad to know it isn't just me! that's too funny about the tomato paste. i totally get it though, as i've had to catch myself with (of all things) anchovy paste!
  9. thanks derval! i edited my post to fix the link as well.
  10. mine are here! i try to note when substitutions are necessary. paleo - whole 30 -
  11. i was right there too - literally planning out and dreaming about eating 'forbidden' foods. then the most amazing thing happened: my w30 ended, and i was ok. I knew that the foods weren't off limits forever, but i also didn't run right out and eat them all at once. i was most scared of binging on day 31, and instead i stayed w30 compliant. i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't witness it. i went out on day 32, had my wine but steered clear of the noncompliant foods (except for a few french fries ). In the past, the wine/fries combo could have set me off on a worldwide binging tour, but i held fast, mainly because i was really interested in seeing where reintroduction would take me. now i have 3 days of re-compliance under my belt, and will be introducing dairy tomorrow. it's really liberating to think that i can eat some of my old enemies, and then not go crazy with them. i feel like a super hero!
  12. So I think I came to an important realization last night. I finished my w30 successfully last week, and am currently in reintroduction. I tried rice on Saturday, and am giving myself a few days of compliance before I try dairy tomorrow. Last night, I had my jar of ghee out to use while cooking, and found myself taking a little taste of it. Then another, then another. I realized that I had gotten to that compulsory eating/craving point that I used to experience while binging. I put the ghee away and was able to break the cycle, but it was a really surprising experience for me. I know that because of this I ended up eating too much fat at dinner, since I felt really gross afterwards. I was just surprised since I'd seemingly kicked the bingey behavior during my w30, and didn't expect ghee of all things to be a trigger! Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  13. so tired of cooking

    i love cooking, but i got into this rut as well right around day 20-22. My boyfriend was also getting annoyed with all of the dishes I was leaving him - it wasn't a great time. I pushed through the slump, and finished the 30 strong. Things that helped me were definitely doing weekend cookups, going to the greenmarket to get nice veggies, and trying not to think of cooking as a chore. I like to download a bunch of podcasts (some This American Life, some Moth, things that I want to listen to but never seem to have time to do so). I prop the computer up in the kitchen while I cook, and it makes the time go soooo much faster. I also really liked to take a day off. So like other people suggested, instead of making one chicken at a time, I would roast two, and make enough vegetables to be able to take the next day off completely. I also had to cut out eggs for breakfast, because I was getting so sick of them! I'm hoping my taste for them comes back soon.
  14. Eggs.

    I made buffalo deviled eggs for the superbowl yesterday and LOVED them for breakfast this morning. Mashed up the yolks, mayo, frank's red hot, lime juice, and scallions. NOM. i also like to do deviled eggs with mayo, capers, parsley, and diced anchovies.
  15. Giving up wine for W30

    Reese, have you ever looked into the wine bottle vaccuum sealers? They really do a decent job of keeping the wine from oxidizing (for at least a few days). That way you can have your 1-2 glasses of wine, and save the rest for another day. It won't be the same as an unopened bottle, but better than wasting half a bottle, or forcing yourself to drink a whole bottle in a night! Another option for just a casual glass here and there is boxed wine. Before you tar and feather me, there are some decent wines in boxes these days. In NYC, they run around $30 a box, which is crazy cheap but not as insane as Franzia. The wine (especialy the red zinfandels and tempranillos I've tried) is very drinkable. Plus, the wine doesn't hit the air until you pour it, so iyou can have a glass or two and the rest will last for a really long time. I also really like having a box around because I can pour off a half glass to use for cooking, without then feeling like I need to drink the rest before it goes bad.