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    But Melissa, it's a VEGETABLE! Leafy greens! I bet it's excellent sauteed in coconut oil with a little nutmeg, coconut aminos and coconut milk. And pomegranate seeds of course. Everything is better with pomegranate seeds. Throw a handful into the crockpot when you are stewing the bone broth. Just like parsley, only better. Mix it in with the pico de gallo or mash it in guacamole...just like cilantro, only better. I bet it would be good in broccoli slaw too, or as a garnish for stir fry. Mixed in the salad......
    TRUE story: Back in the day my parents grew their own and kept it in the fridge. My mom went to the hospital to have my baby sister and her mom stayed with us. She found the baggie of what she thought was oregano and cooked up a big delicious pot of spaghetti sauce. Yes she did. Used allll of it. And funny, I was a kid who didn't sleep, but I sure did sleep that night! Hahahahahaha!!!