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    caitlin reacted to Xandra in Post W30 - cravings and the psychology of all of it   
    I'm right there with you. I had a bender recently that proved I still can't off-road occasionally with sugar, even when everything else in my eating pattern is healthy.
    I have learned to talk to my brain, to tell it that it's the dopamine talking when I think of the memories of eating sweet treats. I have resolved to find some new associations to certain activities that remind me of old junk food.
    I have made a mental list of all the cons associated with the junk, including feeling susceptible to illness (I have 3 kids all in different schools and while we get every bug going around, we also bounce back within a day or two, or in my case, I got over a stomach bug in 5 hours. I need that level of immunity strength, but after the bender I started to feel a new cold coming on, and frankly, it scared the stuffing out of me). The pros list is quite short: it tastes good and gets me high. Big whoop.
    And when all else fails, I burst the pity party. "Oh boo hoo, you mean I don't get to eat brownies for breakfast, I have to eat all this healthy stuff instead that half the world would kill to have access to?" I mean really, I feel so petty for complaining and just need to get over it.
    I've also found this woman's blog ( I think someone here posted it?) to be very inspirational, particulary this:
    "I don't feel that I can motivate anyone. "A need or desire" must drive you "to ACT." I cannot do that for you. You can only do that yourself. You feel a need and desire to change your eating habits and/or start to move, and you take that first step.
    The first step you take doesn't mean, "Oh, I'm going to start exercising and eating right." If it does, then the first time you don't get your expected results, you will stop. The first step means, "I'm going to do this, and nothing* is going to stop me from moving in this forward direction." I say nothing with an asterisk because there will be some circumstances that occur that may cause some need to "rearrange." But, my question to you is, how do you handle it? How do you handle life's speedbumps?
    I've had many speedbumps. Scheduling conflicts. Negativity. Doubting Thomas and Murphy's Law. Illness. Exhausting. Laziness. Boredom. Jealousy. Romance. Break Ups. Trips. Food. Temptations. Family Obligations. Work. I've seen myself get derailed once during this process. I felt myself slipping. Luckily, I was able to recognize it, manage it as needed, and got myself back on track and moving in a forward direction.
    Your success in any endeavor will depend on how you handle your speedbumps, and where you decide to prioritize your health and well-being. It will take planning and dedication, and no half-assed efforts. You can't let outside factors take control of your forward momentum. Take a minute and just think. What is important to you? Where does your health and well-being lie on your priority list? Don't let life speedbumps take you out. Take a minute. Slow down. And roll over those bad boys. Never Stop your forward momentum."
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    caitlin reacted to Xandra in off-road? off the GRID.   
    You sound like you may be working through some issues relating to the long-term lifestyle change, which is not nearly as exciting as the drama of the Whole30. The maintenance phase is more difficult, in my view, because you take your eye off the food 24/7 and come back to real life, and all the stress and associations from the past are still there. You now have to fit your new eating habits into your life, and it's harder than you expected. I think that may be why you aren't making it through your next Whole30, because what's on the other side? Maintenance! And it was difficult and painful and you fell off the wagon and it hurt, and who wants to go there again?
    Well, you do. At least your body does. Your body loves to be healthy and to be treated well. It's your mind that wants to go back to that lazy place that says eat whatever you want, whatever is convenient, whatever tastes good in the moment and to hell with the effects later on.
    So get back up, get through a Whole30 and make a plan for maintenance. Are you a rule-based person like I am? Then write down what you are allowed to off-road and when, and follow that plan. Now you don't have to think about it, it's just like Whole30, if it's not on the list, then it's not on your plate.
    Good luck, you can do this.
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    caitlin got a reaction from AmyS in mistake - help needed   
    Thank you Susan - that is so encouraging! I'm loving the imagery of dexter disposing of my scale. I'm going to give it a solid two weeks without grains and then evaluate.
    The happy place - I want to go to there!
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    caitlin reacted to Moluv in mistake - help needed   
    I'd like to punch your scale in the face.
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    caitlin reacted to Susan W in mistake - help needed   
    Also Caitlin, grains of any kind make your body hang onto water. Don't know the science behind that. No clue if it's the amount of carbs or something else at work. I am thinking it's nothing more than water weight. So...after Moluv pulls a Dexter on your scale, move on and come to a happy place of how you will eat from now on.
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    caitlin got a reaction from Moluv in mistake - help needed   
    Thank you moluv, that's a really great perspective! I just assumed that because I didn't have an immediate reaction, that rice must be safe (or at least not bad). i'll give it a try and see how it goes. it definitely can't hurt!
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    caitlin reacted to Moluv in My personal manifesto   
    Ditch the scale.
    I feel like a broken record bc I keep posting this story but I'll do it again: I lost 9 lbs on my first go at w30 (19 days). My next go was only 9 days but during that time I shrank down into a pair of jeans that hadn't fit me before- so when I was on day 0 I weighed in knowing I must have lost another 5 lbs- wrong- I gained 2. That's right- 2 measly little pounds shook me up bad! That scale had betrayed what I knew in my heart was true- that I was getting healthier and smaller. So I took my revenge- I took out the battery and threw it behind the washing machine. It's an unusual size battery- I don't have a replacement- so going to the store for one would give me enough time for rational thought to return. I am now 7 days into my 3rd go at w30 (I have not gone off plan this whole time though, so really I have 30+ days of good eating) and I am sitting here in a pair of shorts that typically only fit during my summer skinny phase- and it's still winter. I have very little regard for portion sizes and eat to satisfaction. Last week I ate 10 sweet potatoes and 5 lbs of beef, plus fats and eggs and loads of other veggies and even some dates and figs. What I'm trying to say is you absolutely must stop worrying about the numbers to reap the true benefits of the plan. So much anxiety- really it is- keeping your cortisol levels elevated. Don't be afraid to nourish yourself, you deserve it.
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    caitlin reacted to Kirsteen in My personal manifesto   
    You're doing great but I really, really would advise you to ditch the scale. I know you see this as a way of life, not just for 30 days and that's fantastic, that's how I see it too. However you were disappointed when you stepped on the scale. You don't need that disappointment in your life. Whether it's for 30 days or a lifetime, W30 teaches us to nourish our bodies and learn to trust them, to form new healthy relationships with our bodies and with food and to let go of old destructive habits. Weighing ourselves once a week isn't in any way going to help with any of that.
    Believe me, I know how difficult it is, I've had to plank my scale where I really can't reach it (when I get someone to get it down for me, it's going to the charity shop) because otherwise the temptation to step on and 'just see' is almost overwhelming. The trouble is every time I've done that, whether I've been happy or disappointed, like you, I've immediately started looking at my food log to see how I could tweak it. The funny thing is I'm so like you, I start wondering if I should cut the carbs, maybe only have them once a day or whatever. Then I realise, this is not concentrating on nourishing my body, this is trying to force it to do what I want it to do and not what W30 is all about.
    We all deserve to have the best possible W30 or lifestyle that we can. I know you're doing brilliantly, I was so inspired by your first post in this thread, learning to trust and to ditch the scale will only make it better. Good luck with your whole healthy lifestyle.
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    caitlin reacted to Susan W in Sauerkraut and pickles - comment and question   
    I just laughed out loud with home made sausage in my mouth. Lovely.
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    caitlin reacted to Terez in Any1 else an 'all or nothing'???   
    LOL, Nadia!!!
    I was eating fairly clean before doing the W30. The only things I began eliminating were raw dairy (which I had been having daily; doing without dairy was the biggest change for me), wine (two or three glasses on Sundays) and the minuscule amounts of sugar in 90% dark chocolate (I'd have a few squares over the course of a week).
    So I guess there isn't really much that I was "giving up" during the Whole30. What was bigger for me was using the W30 to tighten things up by not having "meals" of almond butter and apples, for example (or cheese and apples).
    The only thing I reintroduced was raw milk and then I got sick for 2-1/2 days after that. Still not sure if it was a reaction to the dairy but I can't afford to be out of commission for two days so I'm holding off retrying it.
    I'll probably have a glass of wine on Sunday because I'm having a guest over for dinner. There's some dark chocolate sitting in a cupboard when I'm ready to have some. Maybe after I have wine and chocolate, they'll start calling to me. But I doubt it because they weren't calling to me before I began the W30. They were just an occasional treat.
    I thought I would immediately resume having cream and stevia in my coffee but I'm holding off on that. I am sure I would like my coffee better with a bit of sweetener but I am not missing it the way I was the first couple of weeks. I'd rather go without stevia longer and see a few more weeks results in me preferring my coffee unsweetened.
    I have no idea how people can jump in with the Whole30 from a regular diet. I took an entire month to transition from my old diet to Primal, purposely going very slowly. And then I was Primal (paleo + raw milk + occasional wine and 85%-90% dark chocolate) for three months before doing my Whole30. Took two days "off" at Christmas and two days "off" at New Year's, but that was not drastic off-roading by any means.
    Fortunately I found the Primal Blueprint first. If I had read ISWF back in August, I would never have gone any further. It was too extreme for me. Mark Sisson's "80/20" and "a little raw dairy if you tolerate it, a little dark chocolate, a little wine" felt like something I could live with. By the time I came across ISWF in December, it was just the next logical step for me.
    Long rambling way of saying, it's not superpowers, it's just one step at a time.
    I've got more tightening up to do, particularly with sleep and fitness. It's a journey.
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    caitlin got a reaction from Derval in Day 18, already planning to binge..advice?   
    i was right there too - literally planning out and dreaming about eating 'forbidden' foods. then the most amazing thing happened: my w30 ended, and i was ok. I knew that the foods weren't off limits forever, but i also didn't run right out and eat them all at once. i was most scared of binging on day 31, and instead i stayed w30 compliant. i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't witness it.
    i went out on day 32, had my wine but steered clear of the noncompliant foods (except for a few french fries ). In the past, the wine/fries combo could have set me off on a worldwide binging tour, but i held fast, mainly because i was really interested in seeing where reintroduction would take me. now i have 3 days of re-compliance under my belt, and will be introducing dairy tomorrow. it's really liberating to think that i can eat some of my old enemies, and then not go crazy with them. i feel like a super hero!
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    caitlin reacted to laststopeden in Day 18, already planning to binge..advice?   
    I'm also facing similar feelings, but maybe not to the extent you're describing. I know what it's like to be emotionally attached to food, though. This will be my first successful attempt at whole30 after probably 6-7 tries (I'm on day 22), so I don't have any experience with reintroduction. As of now though, I have been toying with the idea of maybe re-introducing one food a week. i.e. I plan to have sushi the day after it's all over (rice), the next friday I am having lunch with coworkers and will be trying out corn tortillas (corn). It's my plan to re-introduce one food with a compliant week in between. I don't know how well it will work and I have still yet to read ISWF, but we'll see how it goes!
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    caitlin reacted to kshacklett in Katie's Reintro Log   
    Ok, ate the chocolate bar and feel like I'm gonna puke. And I only ate half before I threw the rest out. It was some imported bar (Stark) from Europe, so I was kind of counting on it to be amazing. It smelled like heaven and tasted like...nothing. I wanted to eat at least half to figure out how I would react to it. Ew ew ew. (ok, this was kind of the reaction I was hoping for so I didn't just go back to eating the way I did before). I have some Hershey kisses at home I'm going to try when I get home from work, just since I never ate this kind of chocolate before, but I'm thinking it will go the same way.
    As an aside, 2 years ago I moved from the city to farm country - near Hershey, Dove, and M&Ms, and all other sorts of cocoa processing plants. On any given morning, it either smells like cow manure or fresh brownies. (Try to visualize those two...see where I'm going?) My taste for chocolate has seriously declined since these smells have been messing with my head, lol.
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    caitlin reacted to CAK911 in Weight Loss?   
    Also, to echo something I said on another thread: I'm on my 2nd Whole30. The first one, I couldn't let go of tracking, and I tracked in a super detailed way. The Whole30 worked (I got the sleep benefits, my guts cleared up, I felt great physically for the most part, and I even lost some weight), but I was still worrying about food in a way that took up a lot of my time and I'm sure contributed to anxiety. This time, I'm just keeping a very simple log here on the forum -- just a list of what I eat at each meal. I'm about 8 days from the end, and I feel even better than I did last Whole30, and for the first time in YEARS, I have almost no anxiety about what I'm eating. I don't think about what to eat next. I don't worry that I ate too much or too little or the wrong thing. I'm not perfect every day (ie, sometimes I get slightly off template), but I feel confident that my days average out to eating really, really well.
    Basically, I just want to reiterate: Trust the program. It's worth it.
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    caitlin reacted to Fenderbender in Day 30 Train Wreck   
    All this is about is making healthy choices..... Guess what? You did! Would have been all to easy to say screw it all and go on a ten day eating frenzy, but you did the healthy thing and jumped back on!!!
    Congrats to you.... As I tell my self all the time and a great line from " it's complicated"......... " so this is how grow ups act".
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    caitlin reacted to kb0426 in Day 30 Train Wreck   
    To use your analogy, the train made it to the destination; you just tripped and fell getting off the train. Remember to celebrate your arrival without guilt! You had a hand in tripping; stress and life presented itself in a cruel way. But you ARRIVED.
    Every lesson - even the hard ones - are something you have learned that you can add to your suitcase for the next time you travel.
    Congrats on your 30 days!
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    caitlin reacted to Kirsteen in Day 30 Train Wreck   
    I totally admire your attitude of jumping right back in. Don't beat yourself up, don't be hard on yourself, it's not the *walk of shame* and you didn't fail. You just had one massive learning experience. You're now making a really good choice and will continue to eat healthy, so good for you.
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    caitlin reacted to Tom Denham in Day 30 Train Wreck   
    I'm with Kirsteen here. You made it 30 days. You completed the course. You just went off-roading farther than planned. It is a learning experience. You just need more time in the center before you explore the edges again.
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    caitlin got a reaction from JJB in so tired of cooking   
    i love cooking, but i got into this rut as well right around day 20-22. My boyfriend was also getting annoyed with all of the dishes I was leaving him - it wasn't a great time.
    I pushed through the slump, and finished the 30 strong. Things that helped me were definitely doing weekend cookups, going to the greenmarket to get nice veggies, and trying not to think of cooking as a chore. I like to download a bunch of podcasts (some This American Life, some Moth, things that I want to listen to but never seem to have time to do so). I prop the computer up in the kitchen while I cook, and it makes the time go soooo much faster.
    I also really liked to take a day off. So like other people suggested, instead of making one chicken at a time, I would roast two, and make enough vegetables to be able to take the next day off completely. I also had to cut out eggs for breakfast, because I was getting so sick of them! I'm hoping my taste for them comes back soon.
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    caitlin reacted to Michaela Elmore Cogswell in guacamole from Chipotle?   
    Yes, we asked ours when we went a few weeks ago. The fajita veggies, aka bell pepper/onion, are cooked in the same soybean oil that all the others are.
    All the salsas were clear, except the corn and black bean one, obviously.
    I don't understand the "disappointed" comment. Sure, I'd love to be able to get my personal fav, the barbacoa, but they communicate clearly and are willing to let you know what is in your food. It might be worth remembering that they don't source their meat from factory farms, so you know you are getting a better quality pork.
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    caitlin reacted to REESE in Giving up wine for W30   
    I did surprise myself in 2 ways. 1. I had just one glass tonight out of a bottle of Cab from Argentina 2. I really, really enjoyed it. I think I enjoyed smelling it as much as tasting it. But I did manage to cork it after an initial taste and one glass, put it in the fridge and say, well done!!
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    caitlin reacted to REESE in Giving up wine for W30   
    Thanks much. Yea, I think it is high on my scale so I'm going to try a vacuum sealer. And you are right, there are some good box wines (I've had the Black Box Cabernet and yes it is drinkable) and yet they are not so good that I'd probably drink more than a couple glasses.
    Perhaps save the bottles for those special occassions. THANKS, really I appreciate somebody responding without saying, UHHH have you tried AA? haha
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    caitlin got a reaction from Brad Hefta-Gaub in Giving up wine for W30   
    Reese, have you ever looked into the wine bottle vaccuum sealers? They really do a decent job of keeping the wine from oxidizing (for at least a few days). That way you can have your 1-2 glasses of wine, and save the rest for another day. It won't be the same as an unopened bottle, but better than wasting half a bottle, or forcing yourself to drink a whole bottle in a night!
    Another option for just a casual glass here and there is boxed wine. Before you tar and feather me, there are some decent wines in boxes these days. In NYC, they run around $30 a box, which is crazy cheap but not as insane as Franzia. The wine (especialy the red zinfandels and tempranillos I've tried) is very drinkable. Plus, the wine doesn't hit the air until you pour it, so iyou can have a glass or two and the rest will last for a really long time. I also really like having a box around because I can pour off a half glass to use for cooking, without then feeling like I need to drink the rest before it goes bad.
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    caitlin got a reaction from SpinSpin in Eggs.   
    I made buffalo deviled eggs for the superbowl yesterday and LOVED them for breakfast this morning. Mashed up the yolks, mayo, frank's red hot, lime juice, and scallions. NOM.
    i also like to do deviled eggs with mayo, capers, parsley, and diced anchovies.
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    caitlin reacted to kb0426 in Eggs.   
    That is one lonely sardine leftover on that plate.
    If you have ever made Melissa Joulwan's zucchini et aglio, sardines are fabulous when added to that. Okay...maybe you are not ready for that quite yet. Sardines, finely chopped carrot, celery, homemade mayo - boom baby. An amazing lunch!
    You should be proud of yourself!