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  1. AH117

    September 18 start date

    Day 32... We finished strong and have kind of kept going, minus two glasses of wine last night! I'm down 5.3 lbs and my sugar cravings are gone. So are the (formerly) compulsive afternoon and evening snacks that just kept going and going. We're not sure what the future looks like, but we've formed some good new habits these last 4 weeks and are continuing those for now!
  2. AH117

    September 18 start date

    Same here. My husband and I have barely felt any effects. No headaches, no intense cravings, no bloat, no digestive stuff... and no bursts of energy either. We were relatively healthy eaters before, and (don't think) we have any food sensitivities anyway. So, for us, we're just trudging through, using this as an opportunity to change some habits.
  3. AH117

    September 18 start date

    Day 6. Saturday night. Food wise, I'll say we're doing pretty good. We're following this plan, roughly: http://realsimplegood.com/whole30-meal-plan-complete-recipes-shopping-lists/ "snacks" have been minimal-- homemade sweet potato fries, olives, and fruit, mostly in the evenings. We bought some Lara bars (compliant), but my husband is into them more than I am... I'd like to lose a few pounds by the end, hopefully, so avoiding them if possible. Meals have been fairly large, protein-filled, and have kept us full, mostly. I think this coming week I might seek out some "lighter" type meals (i.e., we had crock pot beef stew for most lunches this week - filling but HEAVY!) I think the first two days, we were really pumped about following the plan-- the new recipes, learning the ins-and-outs, etc. Days 3-5, I was a bit grumpy, but other than that-- no real "side effects" along the lines of headaches, nausea, etc. We were really pretty healthy eaters before (minimal gluten, sugar), but we were BIG cheese eaters with lighter meals and lots of snacks, and we love LOVE our evening wine/beer relaxation time. This week, I've managed to keep busy enough not to really miss our past "treats" -- we've been sitting down with kombucha in the evenings instead, which is surprisingly refreshing and a passable evening fizzy "fun" drink -- sometimes seltzer, no matter how many "tastes" just plain gets old and boring. So-- the first weekend "on plan." It's going OK, but I think I'm fighting a bit of boredom / why are we doing this / habit changing drudgery. Getting through it... onwards and upwards to week 2.
  4. AH117

    September 18 start date

    Maybe try a "sweeter" i.e./flavorful drink instead? Seltzer? Kombucha? A small handful of less-sweet fruit (blueberries, blackberries). For snacks my husband and I made homemade sweet potato and plantain chips, and those (just a few... not a bagful!) have been perfect for a little snack. I've heard a few times... cravings only last 5 minutes! Take a big drink of water, set your timer, and see if you're still hungry in 5
  5. AH117

    September 18 start date

    My husband and I are starting tomorrow... enjoying our last glass of wine tonight! Yesterday, I was super excited to get started, tonight... well, I'm hesitant. But we've committed, food prep is done, crock pot is on the timer... here we go!