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  1. Thanks! I figured I'd take a chance. Some help with 2 & 3 would still be great. Anything I find about the med specifically is really useless. Lots of jerks inhabit pharma boards and the real studies all live behind paywalls. :-)
  2. I've done a strict W30 twice, and a looser one with some dairy (only in coffee) and minimal eating out, always with great success re-setting my metabolism and stamina. When I'm off W30, I'm 90% Paleo, only with more dairy (some cheese) and some alcohol - mostly very dry cider and the occasional bourbon. No wheat, sweets or white starches at all. Well, maybe a tablespoon or rice if cauliflower rice isn't available. I started a new job about 18 months ago, and started Viibryd at just about the same time. Since then, I've gained over a pound a month - going from 190 to 225. I'm 5'11 and 190 is perfect for me, It was stable for over five years. Weight is important to me for health reasons. At 190, my A1C was 5.2 - 5.5. Right now, my AM glucose readings are in the 140+ range. On STRICT W30, and my weight hasn't budged at day 18. (At least it hasn't gone up.) I do not want to have to deal with diabetes drugs ever again. My body doesn't like them. I also had some injuries that took me away from boxing for a while, and a bout of pneumonia a few months ago continues to play havoc with my respiratory capacity. So, after all that intro, I'm wondering if other folks have: 1 - Had substantial weight gain with Viibrid. The literature suggest something like a 2-3 pound weight gain total, not monthly 2 - Managed work stress successfully. My old job was boring as heck, but super-low stress. My new one is moderately stressful, but the commute is really stressful. Any success techniques there? (I'm buying a new motorcycle - this will help reduce stress based on experience, and save me about 15 minutes in the evening. And give me a solid flow-state during commute hours.) 3 - Figured out ways to push past a reluctant metabolism and actually be successful? It's worth noting that I feel quite a bit better digestively, but the anxiety around lack of weight loss isn't helping. Thanks in advance for the insights. Me putting up house numbers is a about a month ago - in the flowered shirt is in early 2014.