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  1. 3boysandagirl

    September 18 start date

    Feeling very sluggish and dull headache today. Also, sugar cravings are high. I'm personally trying not to grab a piece a fruit when I'm craving sugar right now, just because I know sugar is my biggest weakness and I want these cravings gone completely. Sipping hot tea or naturally flavored ice tea helps me get over the craving, at least for the moment. One thing that helps me as I have days like this when I'm not feeling well is knowing that it means my body is reacting and doing something. While it may not be pleasant for the 1st week or 2, knowing it gets worse before you get the benefits is encouraging. I hope everyone has a great day!
  2. 3boysandagirl

    September 18 start date

    @kirbz Here is the link. The recipe itself is Whole30 compliant but the optional toppings she mentions are not. https://www.cookingclassy.com/chicken-avocado-lime-soup/
  3. 3boysandagirl

    September 18 start date

    My breakfasts are either eggs scrambled with veggies or sausage & veggie hash. I purposely roast extra veggies in the evenings so I have leftovers for mornings and lunches. Last night I made a Chicken Lime Avocado Soup that was great with some raw veggies on the side. Tonight we're doing Burrito Bowls. Tomorrow it's Pumpkin Soup. I'm trying to get in Bone Broth everyday and I don't like it by itself so I'll be making a lot of soups this go 'round. Plus leftover soup is so easy to heat up for lunch. I like salad but get tired of them easily so I do sometimes struggle to get enough leafy greens, but I try to add spinach and kale whenever I can to help that.
  4. 3boysandagirl

    September 18 start date

    Hi all, my husband and I started today as well. We technically said we are starting tomorrow so I had today to prep after being out of town this weekend, but we jumped right in today. I've done Whole30 before, but this is first time doing it with me. Over the past 5 years or so, I've gone to eating a mostly Paleo diet, but really sabotaged myself after getting frustrated with my health and nothing working. So, for me, this is an opportunity to get back on track. I do feel much better eating this way. Penny, I'm 40 and have the same issues you listed - alopecia, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis. Eating paleo/whole 30 style always helps my joint pain. This go around I'm also working with a new-to-me integrative doctor to heal my gut with diet and some specific supplements. I'm looking forward to doing this while working with this doctor. Having done this before, I can say the three things that help the most to stick with it are COMMITMENT, SUPPORT, & PREPARATION. Yesterday, I went grocery shopping. Today, I cleaned out my pantry and plan on tackling the fridge tonight. I've got 2 roasted chickens, bone broth, mayo, and chopped veggies ready to go as well as many of my other go-to favorites. I'll make a couple of Whole30 dressings tonight too to have ready.