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  1. Sept 18 start date reintro

    So hard to get caught up here when you're not on regularly! I literally have two windows open so I can see what I previously read. First @Mike5858 your total weight loss I read awhile back - WOW great job! And to anyone else that make some big improvements that way as well. I am sorry though about your back... that can be discouraging when you're trying to get back at it. Sounds like walking still works for you. I'd just keep including what does so when you do feel up to going back to the gym it might not feel like starting from scratch. I took up swimming with a vengeance when I had a hip injury and couldn't really do much else. Feels good to use your body and is mentally beneficial as well! p.s. happy belated birthday and enjoy your trip this weekend! @dmrob2009 and @CorgiLover I'm sorry to hear that BLE was such a downer for you, but welcome back to W30. Sounds like you'll be able to incorporate the best of both together to get the improvements you wish for. I caught that avoiding grains in the am is a theory of BLE that is helpful? While gluten was not an issue that one day and I've since stayed away, I've still considered grabbing a piece of toast here and there with breakfast. @kirbz you should not feel bad about eating off plan. I loved those elements of food freedom forever, that if those things are your worth it moments then you can and should. It's all the other little moments in between that you have the power to make different choices. Sounds like weight coming off is still happening. Sorry about your energy levels though. I think calling it Tiger Blood only built up the expectation of something incredible. I really think it's more about the major dip in energy when W30 is introduced, to the rebound of your body getting used to processing it's fuel from something different. Keep on hiking! @SineadMon I think you found the secret to food freedom!
  2. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Hey all - Trying to get caught up here after a long week last week and fundraising event I put on on Friday. With such a busy schedule, I definitely slipped here and there from a mostly W30 menu. Brought food with me to the event, but then just ended up eating the caesar salad as it seemed the safest (with previously introduced) ingredients at the time. Stayed away from all the mini pizza's we served as apps. Truly, I find myself thankful to go back to the W30 menu/meals knowing I feel fed well, and great quantities of proteins/veggies. I did introduce gluten today officially (although some things I've eaten were suspect I'm sure). Nothing really happened, which I"m amazed given everyone's experiences. So with that out of the way... I'm just living mostly W30, still cooking a lot but liking what I eat. Had a good run over the weekend, and hope time in the gym tomorrow goes well. Best wishes to you all on your journeys!
  3. Sept 18 start date reintro

    So a retry of dairy sticking just to hard cheeses, cream and butter for the day went fine. Even the pumpkin ice cream (the little scoop I had!). I'm thinking of trying blue cheese on it's own, then moving on to gluten. Halloween was my day of dairy, and I had a few nibbles of candy. Nothing really took affect. The W30 recipes and regiment is really nice to go back to and know "all is good" there. Umm though I did a mini stash of the candy for when I fully introduced sugar, etc. and just took a peek and it's all but gone. Pretty sure the other adult thought he could have at it and I"m a little perturbed. @dmrob2009 & @SineadMon best wishes on on your BLE. I don't know how I'd do a limited calorie regiment and deal with hunger on top of making good choices. Glad you have some support and a plan to follow. I found if it was layed it in front of me without much need to make a decision it was easier to stick to it.
  4. Sept 18 start date reintro

    I agree @kirbz I kind of couldn't see the micro affects of introducing some of the first items like legumes and non-gluten grains. I was more tired mid-day from the non-gluten grains, but that was about it.
  5. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Love this and think you're on the right track. Wasn't it really about figuring out our relationship with foods and our triggers. And loved the decision to have pizza was a worth it moment. Jealous that pizza didn't cause you harm! After my dairy episode I'm happily back on what felt like something I couldn't wait to be done with. Back in the safe zone W30 and doing dairy again tomorrow. I think the "worth it" item might be the pumpkin pie ice cream I bought before my family eats it all gone!
  6. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @Mike5858 downloaded and reading "Food Freedom Forever" and liking it! I like that it's framing this effort as a lifestyle, giving you strategies and thought processes on when the cravings happen. Also, needed to go a little deeper on the reintroduction elements and focus on what is special to me and not really missed. Bumming a bit at my reintro of dairy, although it was telling. Definitely stripped me of my energy. So back on W30 for a while.
  7. Sept 18 start date reintro

    @dmrob2009 and @CorgiLover so glad you can partner on the next thing!
  8. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Reintro dairy day did not go well! Started with cheesy scrambled eggs and cream in my coffee. Stomach grumbled a bit, but that's all. Then ran late for lunch and didn't have time to prepare what I thought I'd have, so stopped for a salad and opted for my beloved blue cheese dressing. Pretty much immediately after I started what I call an allergy attack. As it's been said, I'm sure the reintro is personal to everyone's own make up, and this is a typical one for me (or at least it was a number of years back when I'd have them regularly). Basically a full body reaction, head to toe itchy, red skin and puffy face. It subsides when I get some claritin in me, but it's not fun. So, I'm guessing there might've been too much in the random blue cheese dressing to count it just as the dairy affecting me. Just threw caution to the wind and didn't look at labeling. Planning on not doing dairy tonight and reintroducing just one sort of dairy in a few days and being more careful and specific. I knew this one would be a big one for me... just didn't quite expect the old full body reaction. @CorgiLover that's one thing about this diet I liked, that Melissa didn't want to create something to be costly for people. I'm naive about all the various diets/plans out there, but if you have to pay big $$ for something before knowing what you're getting into I'm suspect too! Sounds like you have a good plan between this and paleo. Also if you're leary of Dairy (I was a cheese fiend too), I'd maybe break it down to different types. I'm going to freshen up my reading on this and hope it narrows down the culprit for me. @Mike5858 great job at staying so focused and staying mostly W30 diet way... plus getting to the gym. Have wonderful travels. @SineadMon I was suspect of fruits too. I sensed my body really just didn't want much of it. @dmrob2009 I think you said it that reintro is harder than the W30... You are right. It's just a slippery slope I'm finding and being within the W30 was like training that was easier to commit to. Hope to hear more how everyone progresses through or onto something else. I hope to find a culprit or two, take them out permanently, and be more inspired to eat more naturally like this or close to it. Have a great weekend.
  9. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Good morning guys... Reintro non-gluten grains yesterday seems to be just fine. I did feel an energy lull in the mid afternoon. I'm not currently reading up on the particulars of side affects, so may be normal. At least no real negative side affects (I keep expecting to get really ill from other people's experiences!!). I have to admit though my commitment to W30 regiment outside of these reintrodutions is slipping a bit, but I don't think it's terrible. A friend left a plate full of gluten free chocolate chip cookies at my house and I admittedly had one last night and the night before. I can easily stay away from all the other sweets around, ice cream, pumpkin chocolate chip cake, etc. But because it was gluten free I allowed myself the indulgence. And BOY DID IT TASTE GOOD! Didn't necessarily make me want to chow down a ton more or crave more sugar... but I'm sure the dairy in it wasn't a good thing. One other admittance is alcohol. Also left behind was an open bottle of red wine. After a someone stressful evening meeting, and getting home to my hubby and wanting to connect about our days, we each had a couple glasses. (Oh maybe the wine/cookie are connected!) The agreement I made with myself was to cut out mid-week drinking, and of course be mindful of weekend cocktails. Okay off to a couple days of wholehearted W30, then reintro Dairy on Friday.
  10. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Congrats @SineadMon on getting to day 30 AND the 6 lbs.!! I agree with Mike and that seems like a sustainable number. I just want to encourage you to add activity back in. If I recall you are generally active, maybe a runner? I think one without the other isn't the best way to set yourself up for long term healthiness. I can contest to the opposite of exercising, but not caring one iota about what I drank and ate. I do know now I HAVE to consider both if I want to reach a goal or even maintain.
  11. Sept 18 start date reintro

    I do agree that at lot of eating comes from boredom or habits that are associated with the food (like needing a snack while watching a movie). I had my first reinto of non-gluten grains for breakfast this morning. I found a gluten free muesli hat had lots of nuts and some dried fruit in it. Normally this sort of breakfast is what I'd eat, along with snack then lunch. I definitely hit the snack time and all I could think about was lunch. I think the high protein and healthy fat meals is what ties me over between meals. Maybe a good thing my meal plan had me cooking a lengthy lunch recipe (full hour) and I just about held off. Lunch is spanish rice and a hamburger/veggie dish.
  12. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Reintro legumes easy peasy. Had apples & peanut butter for breakfast, falafel for lunch (made way too much that no one else is going to eat and I can't have any more of), and white bean/chicken chili for dinner. Energy is great as I was able to do an extended run today and felt great. Next up non-gluten grains on Tuesday.
  13. September 18 start date

    Umm, your list is long and something you should be proud of!
  14. Sept 18 start date reintro

    It was me. Don't know if this breaks copy write rules, but here it is. Healthy Crusted Chicken Strips.pdf
  15. Sept 18 start date reintro

    Yeah like you @dmrob2009 it was easy to over do it on the wine and not feel so great in the morning. And it didn't take much. Good to have a few days to get back on track and then introduce legumes on Saturday. I'm going to wait for dairy and gluten until the end as I suspect bigger reactions from those. Sorry @Mike5858 you and your wife feel so crummy!