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  1. Hi there. I just completed week one. I feel surprisingly good. I'm upbeat and positive - rather than grumpy and tired - which is how I've felt for quite some time i was eating something sweet every day. Several times a day. Always a "little" something sweet after a meal. I've gone cold turkey and haven't had an ounce of added sugar for 7 days. Starting week 2 today, and it looks like, according to the calendar my hardest days are coming this week. I have to take a cake to work on Monday for my boss' birthday. :|. I will not indulge. I'm a former athlete that's now overweight by 50 lbs and dumpy... And I hate it. Theres a lot if shopping, chopping, and dishes. And it's only me. I'm running the dishwasher 2x a day. Or they are piling up For me , I'm adopting the Yoda mantra: do or do not, there is no try.
  2. Trishfrommich

    Prepping for my first Whole 30! Starting October 1

    I'm 53, overweight and tired. I was in my younger days an athletic and active person. I'm still active but in no way can I even come close to doing what I want to do. For me, I must do this. I'm miserable trapped in this body. Day 1 yesterday Sept. 23. completed...0 sugar.