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  1. September 18 start date

    Hey crew! I'm impressed with how well you all are doing. Don't give up!! I fell off the horse and regret it now. Didn't fall off super badly but when you make non compliant decisions, you're done so I didn't want to let anyone down. It all happened in my NYC trip last weekend. Said no to the pizza, even ate at a whole 30 restaurant but then I had ice cream and a few other non compliant decisions at least once a day since then. I learned a lot in the 14 days I stayed on plan, and plan to figure out what is best for me to do from here. There's a lot of things I do like about the program, but hard for me to stay so restrictive for so long. Prep is key. Once you let that go a little bit that's where the problems arise. Debating on how I should proceed ... recommit or take certain components forward like : as little sugar as possible, avoid dairy, no alcohol, and limited gluten. Those might be my focus areas and continue to eat mindfully.
  2. Washington DC on the Whole 30

    Yeah I can ask them. What are all the questions I should ask @SugarcubeOD to answer all my bases?
  3. Washington DC on the Whole 30

    Nandos compliant items?!? Is their chicken really compliant? That sauce on the chicken tastes too good to be sugar free! I'd love to know this!
  4. September 18 start date

    Day 10 -- well for me sleep luckily came and boy did I need it. Fell asleep between 930-10p which is very early for me and woke up feeling a lot better at 545am but stayed in bed until 7:15am. They say this week can be challenging!! Good luck to all of us and thanks for the support this chain has been great. Rock on Day 10! Hoping the tiger blood comes soon and my inspiration along w it to keep up all this cooking!! Been using a lot of paper plates bc I'm cooking and doing dishes non stop it feels like. Powered through the happy hour strong yest w just water and had a few veggies with guacamole and a small piece of lamb. I did have an Rx bar bc I was starving after on my way home
  5. September 18 start date

    Yeah I looked at them in Whole Foods and decided not to buy. Bought 2 rx bars to have on back up and the coconut choc looked the most compliant to I had that yesterday after the happy hour I was super good at! @Amb_Bomer @Tj V
  6. September 18 start date

    @Mike5858 good job exercising. I feel ya on hard day. I am so sore from my working out yesterday that it's also made me feel very physically off this afternoon, thirsty, irritable, and staring at a vending machine. I did walk/ jog a mile at lunch time to stretch out and see if that would help. It did a little but it's been a hard day. Onto a networking happy hour now so readying myself to be strong at that. Thanks for the accountability! Im seeing today why so many people can't make it pst day 10 or 11... i may need to buy some EPIC bars to have as emergency item. Does anyone have a fav flavor or bought them somewhere not horribly expensive?
  7. September 18 start date

    @Tj V you could also try adding lemon or lime to regular water. I fill up a bunch of water bottles and add lemon to them and then put them in the fridge
  8. September 18 start date

    @Tj V try sour apple Perrier sparking water or la croix, cantaloupe pink grapefruit @dmrob2009 breakfast favorite so far, egg bake w approved sausage, bell peppers, onion, kale and spinach Dinner last night was delicious: and also this, don't know if she likes shrimp or mushrooms but google roasted portobello mushroom was shrimp bruschetta. Super good. The blog was picture the recipe. Love baked apple chips for fruit in the am : Adding seasonings to turkey meat or lamb meatballs, beef go a long way for me.. oregano, rosemary, etc. I'm trying these out this week:
  9. September 18 start date

    Good job for saying no to the coffee drink, @Tj V! I used to get huge cravings for Carmel light frappacinos. You've been a huge support to everyone in this group so hang in there!!!. It will get better for you and you can do it 30 days. Just as a note to clarify, I didn't feel "great and energetic" immediately after work. I was full quickly from my lunch at 1230pm and then by 4 or 5pm I was really starting to get hungry and thirsty but I knew I had it in me to work out I just needed to suit up and do it. I had the pre- work out protein and fat, and got to it. Started off foggy but then my energy and blood got flowing and bam, that haze was gone. So if anyone else feels that way and still isn't working out yet, (as I barely did last week) maybe just give it a try. Might eliminate the headache/low energy. Just a thought. I know we are all on different courses so to speak but wanted to share
  10. September 18 start date

    Big wins today! Ate conpliantly and really enjoyed my food and although i will say after work I felt thirsty I still worked out and had so much more energy than Saturday running. I actually ran almost 3.5 miles and felt faster and my left knee didn't hurt at all, not even up hill. One thing I have also noticed so far if we are being real... I have had No has at all. I used to be quite gassy before whole 30. Good luck tomorrow everyone and tonight! Hot tea and going to bed definitely helps curb those late night sweet cravings
  11. September 18 start date

    @CorgiLover la croix is compliant right?? I've been drinking it everyday bc I thought it was! Couldn't tell by your mentioning of it. Thanks!
  12. September 18 start date

    @Tj V thank you for all your posts!! I read it while in line to report to jury duty today (got off really fast and at the end of my work day went out to buy the coconut milk and ingredients I didn't have so I can make this as a treat this week or next when it gets tough!! ) What kind of coconut milk did you use? It says get full fat so what I found was "a taste of Thai" coconut milk from Giant thats great about your inspiration from your pastor and Thanks for sharing the chris beat cancer website. !! I have lots of good recipes I've been trying and plan to make this week too- happy to do a post if anyone needs ideas and variety. Also we were super excited to find a list of compliant restaurants in dc. If anyone else is in the mid Atlantic or east coast, Cava Mezze has some compliant options we ate there on Sunday night as a break from all this cooking and it was so good! -
  13. September 18 start date

    Good job! I used to eat excessive amounts of gum everyday so I can relate! Was thinking of carbs yesterday but no food dreams yet. Luckily my willpower is super strong on this whole30 mission. Next weekend will be my big challenge. Taking the bus from dc to NYC to visit my brother for the weekend.
  14. September 18 start date

    @kirbz I have been thinking about the long term, too, and the reintroduction phase. What helps me the most is asking myself, why am I doing this, and really come up with those reasons and read the success stories. For me, I am 28, and my husband is 34, and we are trying to start a family. We had a miscarriage and a partial molar pregnancy so for me changing my lifestyle and eating to see if it will help us have a baby sooner is a no brainer. Have you read the success stories section? People have really good results when they plan to change their lifestyle. I agree it is very time consuming but I'm planning on doing the reintroduction phase, too. Already I feel my relationship with food and my body has changed and I'm viewing all this food as more nourishing for my body and long term health. Do you have anyone in your family going through something even harder? That always inspires me. My uncle is in his 50s and battling stage 4 colon cancer... I figure that changing what I put in my body now will only do me good down the road. Don't know if this is helpful at all, but hope so! Hang in there and celebrate the small wins and master your WHY! You can do this! The sweet withdrawal will pass
  15. September 18 start date

    Question for any of you... is there an app for accessing this forum? I'm just on an internet browser on my iPhone. Conputer or iPhone is fine just was wondering what the rest of you are doing