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    Pre-workout snacks

    Thanks Shannon! Those are good ideas, I am eating eggs mostly for breakfast so I wanted something a bit different, but it's hard as a pescetarian!
  2. hanselbanane

    Pre-workout snacks

    Hello! I am on day 6 of the Whole 30 and am liking it so far. I am a pescatarian but have been also incorporating a bit of chicken into my diet for the month. I am also very active. I workout from 6-7am most mornings, and then bike 20 minutes to work. I have found that I need to have something before I hit the gym otherwise I really struggle with stamina and hunger. I then have my breakfast around 9:00am once I get to work. I have been making these fat balls but am finding them a bit hard to digest first thing in the morning. Does anyone have alternative suggestions of a good small snack that's easily digestible? Thanks! Hannah