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  1. stonehouse

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Day 22! I love seeing all the photos and recipes. How's everyone doing? I'm at that point where my meals have become easy and routine. I still have the urge to snack now and then. That's the main thing I'm dealing with. Exercise is much easier and sleep is better. Who else from 1/2 start date are still out there? I see the light at the end of the tunnel!
  2. stonehouse

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    I've been known to have chili and soup for breakfast, so that's another way to switch up meals. My main challenge is still going out to eat. It's almost impossible and seems to be more trouble than it's worth. I live in a city, and there are maybe 3 places that I can go and not feel like a jerk ordering with a bunch of substitutions. So I'll probably cook for myself for the most part. It's just easier for me. The first 10 days went very smoothly for me. I had a couple of headaches, but no major complaints. Energy seems to be getting better and sleep hasn't been too bad. I'm drinking WAY too much coffee. I'll try to work on that this week. Hang in there y'all!
  3. stonehouse

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Ooooo please pass along the chicken tikka masala recipe! I'm still going strong, and actually have my eye on 45 days instead of 30. We'll see once I get close to 30! Hang in there, y'all!
  4. stonehouse

    January 2 Start Date! Anyone else?

    Starting today too! I've done Whole30s every year for about that past 5 years and it's been great for me. Have a great day all!
  5. stonehouse

    Starting August 20!

    I also had trouble with pre/post workout snacks. It actually turned my stomach to think about eating anything, so I didn't. It didn't affect my energy level and doing it this way worked for me. I know it's recommended, but I just couldn't do it. Just finished my 30 days and had excellent results (better than expected!). I'm a big believer in doing whatever works for you. Best of luck!
  6. stonehouse

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    I'm 58 and just finished my 30 days on Tuesday. I've done Whole30s about once a year for the past 4 years. It has changed my life and kept me young! Not completely due to Whole30, but my BMI has gone from obese to normal. Spirit, your daughter's gorgeous! Best of luck to both of you!
  7. stonehouse

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    Haha I no longer am thrilled enough with my meals to take photos! Do you have plans for introduction? I'll continue more or less Whole30 and will add things back in gradually. As with many, my first will be a glass of wine on Wednesday! Enjoy your next few days. It'll be over before we know it!
  8. stonehouse

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    Hey, any 7/23 starters out there? Day 25 now! My goal is to stay out of a food rut, so trying new things. The key for me is flavor, so incorporating lemons, hatch chiles and fresh herbs as much as I can. I've been working a lot, staying up late and getting up early, but I haven't gotten tired during the day. My sleep has been very good, albeit probably not quite enough. So maybe that's how my tiger blood is showing. I'm able to do all my work in good spirits, good solid sleep, and ready to go the next morning. Let me know how you're doing! Let's get through these past few days!
  9. stonehouse

    Day 10 and I'm Truly Not Feelin' It

    My advice: Don't quit! I'm on Day 24 and I have felt like quitting pretty much every day since day 10, but the feeling has definitely lessened and there's no way I'm quitting now. I feel like it's something that needs to be conquered. Your future self will be so proud of you if you keep going! Try to mix things up. The last two days I had soup and chili for breakfast, because I'm so tired of eggs. I'm sampling all the different LaCroix flavors, as well as every cold brew coffee flavor I can find. Find a new show to binge-watch, up your exercise, whatever works with your schedule and lifestyle. Hang in there!!
  10. stonehouse

    Round Two of Whole30 starting August 4th. Anyone with me??

    The Primal Kitchen mayos from Whole Foods are fantastic. The chipotle lime version is great on its own as a dipping sauce for just about anything, and they're both great in tuna, salmon and chicken salad. You'll choke at the price ($12 I think), but it's well worth it for the flavor and convenience. I haven't had good luck making my own mayo. If you have Valentina hot sauce where you live, that's also compliant and good on eggs, potatoes, etc.
  11. stonehouse

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    Hi Begry: Another 7/23er here, and yes I'm tired of eggs too! I haven't had a chance to make anything else in advance, so cooking up eggs in the morning has just been easier. I'm back on a normal schedule now and plan to make some different food. It's day 17 and I can definitely feel an increase in energy. This is my 4th whole30, so I knew what to expect, but this is a nice phase to be in. I'm taking advantage of it and increasing my workouts. We're going on a 2 week hiking trip in September, so even though whole30 can be a hassle, it has definitely made my training easier. Glad to hear it's going well for you!
  12. stonehouse

    Weight Lose

    Hi there: I'm currently on my 4th Whole30. Although you'll hear this isn't a weight loss program per se, it's a great way to identify food issues and correct them. I lose weight when I do a Whole30, but I tend to really ramp up exercise as my energy increases. It can be trickier to complete on your own, so definitely reach out here with questions and concerns, or if you just need some support along the way. The first few days can be hard, but it gets easier and by the end you'll probably want to continue with a lot of the new habits you've picked up. Drink lots of water and good luck!!
  13. stonehouse

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    Hi! I'm a 7/23er also, so day 8 today. I'm doing great! I've done a few w30s before (I tend to do them about every 10 months), so I knew what to expect in terms of hangover, fatigue, etc. I think I'm over the hump. Every day I feel like "I can definitely get through today" and I leave it at that. I know I have lots of days ahead of me, but if I think of just getting through today, it's easier to focus on the here and now. I got up this morning without my alarm and I already feel more energetic than the past week. Maybe that's just me realizing it's week 2 (!), or a true increase in energy. Either way, I'm aware of it and it should be a great day (albeit 104 again Austin!). Have a great Monday everyone!
  14. Hi: I see a few posts for the people that started yesterday (7/23). Should we consolidate into one post and stay in touch with each other? My first day went well. I cooked lots of food so I have some choices, and I'm starting a batch of chili today. Have a great day 2 everyone!
  15. Started today! Good luck everyone!