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  1. Fizziness~~mine have been increasingly fizzy enough this summer. Not sure why. They are super duper fizzy if I screw the caps on tight but then I can't open them by myself I still think GT carbonates theirs though.
  2. @kabob~~Just used green tea and it was great but I do a second fermentation (for this one I added a couple blueberries and a little ginger) but it tasted good straight as I drank some before I added the stuff. I just brew batches at a time. I typically have two going at once and bottle about 9-10 drinks a week (old GT bottles). I am getting green tea today so I'll see if second time will be a charm. The green tea was my best batch yet though.
  3. So, I made my first batch with green tea and it is SO FABULOUS!! I live and grew up in the American South where black tea drinking is sort of the religion. I love black tea so that is what I've always used. But wow, the green tea is much milder and more delicious to me as Kombucha. Also, my Scoby doubles every week. I am amazed. I am going to Trader Joes to look at different green teas to try this week!
  4. I am a bit lazier in my process but so far so good. I think the batch that went to vinegar went 20 days. I usually just bottle mine with some berries and sometimes ginger in old GT bottles and let sit out another day or two and then refrigerate and drink the next week. I strain them when I drink them. I think this batch is a little sweet for me so plan to pull next batch after 10 days. Thanks for the input!
  5. I've been making Kombucha for about 7 months now. A few times let go to long so turned to vinegar. My scoby rocks (it produces a baby every week it seems). I'm just curious about your brewing times. I pulled this latest batch earlier than I ever have (7 days) to see what I think but worried it will be too sweet (so too much sugar). I live in the SE and it is warm and like I said my scoby is great (the Kombucha today was very fizzy!). Thanks in advance :0