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    ha. jen, my process is almost identical to yours, EXCEPT I have a couple going so each one gets 14 days for the first ferment, 5 or so for the second. To me this isn't too vinegary. In winter I left things up to a month in first ferment...YMMV
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    You have to do it, Bethany!  Once you get into a rhythm, it's easy.
    Helen - this has worked for me since May:
    Friday night - bottle flavored booch and refridgerate (I use mason jars and old store bought kombucha bottles - usually get 7 - one per day)
    Saturday - brew tea and leave (covered) out to cool
    Sunday - move unflavored booch (less 2 C) to flavoring jar(s), add flavoring.  Fill booch jar with 2 C of saved booch, scoby and brewed tea.  Return all to pantry.
    Start over the next Friday.  So, 1st ferment is 7 days and 2nd flavoring ferment is 5 days.
    The only week I had a problem was when we were at the cabin so I couldn't do the Friday process and it went a couple days too long in the flavoring stage.  It was a big vinegary, but I still drank it.