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    I counted calories via a website religiously for 4 yrs and had declared that I always would.
    After the whole30, I am DONE with calorie counting and love listening to my body. I have a beautiful relationship with food now!
    I lost 9 pounds while doing the program, where I had gained 10 in the last two years by my religious calorie counting and measuring. When you count calories, it is so easy to underestimate your intake and overestimate your output. Here, there is no counting; just eating and enjoying with more energy than ever before!
    Give it just 30 days. If your life is not changed, go back to counting. Would love to hear your results!
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    You won't believe how your relationship with food changes. No more obsessing about calories or any other stats. You will have more time to cook fabulous meals.
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    When you eat per the whole30 guidelines something amazing happens - your innate ability to self regulate how much you eat turns back on. It's one of the reasons I think eating this way makes so much sense. If you've read the whole9 blog or book you might have seen references to "food with no brakes" which is what they call things like grains and sugar. When you eat them your body has no mechanism to say hey stop eating, you're satiated. But when you're eating real food, your body will know when you've had enough. It's virtually impossible to eat too much steak in the absence of something like bread or potatoes. One of the best things I felt during the whole30 was what it felt like to be full and satisfied but not stuffed. Do follow the templates because just because we say don't count calories it doesn't give you carte blanche to eat as much as you can every chance you have, but don't fret over counting calories!