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  1. mamakat

    Survival Juice

    thank you for asking this question..I too take a handful of vits and meds in the morning and again at night. i completely gagged the other morning and almost threw it up because the taste was so bad. I had always used to put a little mio (enhanced water flavoring) in my water and that was always enough to make the taste better. I actually did swallow them with a swallow of oj today and it was so much better. Now I don't feel like a cheat because I did that. whew!
  2. mamakat

    Starting tomorrow, 9/25!

    I too started on the 25th. my week has been okay so far. it has been hard having to cook and prepare everything all the time but I am dealing. my hardest thing so far is drinking the plain water. I love water with mio water enhancer in it and I have gotten so used to it that it is hard to just drink it plain all the time. I don't really like sparkling water and everyone keeps suggesting that, but who knows maybe my tastes will change some. I guess the worst part with it is I do take a handful of pills every morning and night and the other day I gagged. so now I just about gag thinking of it. I need flavor with my pills. blah. I did do a swallow of oj this morning with them and that helped a whole lot. well, as always I will always take suggestions. Have a happy weekend to all!