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  1. Ksgrl

    Ibs issues and perks

    Good to know about the yogurt. I figured since all it had was coconut cream, tapioca and probiotics that it was allowable but I get it's like making pancakes with compliant ingredients. I was looking to get a probiotic in my diet but the coconut yogurt upset my stomach so I'm off it. Still trial and error with this program because I'm getting bored essentially eating dinner type meals three times a day. Low fodmap is limiting and I'm sticking to food I know agrees with me. I'm still chugging away. Making clean heartier meals with fats, protein and lots of veggies. I added back in eggs but getting tired of them too. I am slowly starting to feel better so I must be on the right track but it's definitely day to day ups and downs.
  2. Ksgrl

    Ibs issues and perks

    Yesterday I ate a kiwi, yams, with some almond butter and coconut flakes with coffee for breakfast It wasn't nearly enough food but I was trying to limit my eggs. I think the culprit was the fatty short ribs I ate the night before. My body is used to carbs and so a few days of only eating lean meats the short ribs probably agitated my stomach. I cook with coconut and olive oil as well. I am feeling better today and took a digestive enzyme before breakfast. I had turkey sausage with small amount of fruit, half kiwi, blueberries and coconut yogurt with no sugar. I also added some bone broth with veggies and an egg too. So far so good. Maybe it was shock to my system. I'll keep chugging through.
  3. I am on Day 4 of whole30 and I noticed right away some positive perks to the diet. My bloat is all but gone and my gas has sufficiently decreased. With that said I've suffer from ibs c and d uncomfortably for 2.5 years after a stressful year with work and personal factors and probably too much wine. Most of my symptoms are either incomplete bowel movements with bloat and late night gurgling and gas. Thankfully no crippling pain. I've read many of the forum posts and feel excited and positive about the results from fellow ibs sufferers. Although today has been a tough day. Tmi noting forward. I started my period and I've had diarrhea and very upset intestinal rumbling. I follow a strict low fodmap diet and am incorporating that into my whole30. Sample meals. Breakfast is eggs with veggies like yams, squash, some ground beef/turkey. Lunch is baked chicken with more squash or zucchini and dinner is chicken or beef with carrots, squash and maybe steamed spinach. Today I did have coffee and a kiwi for breakfast. Any fellow ibs suffers who can relate and have had some success, please advise. Another side note I have in the past has SIBO and my symptoms seem similar as before. Any suggestions? Positive comments?