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  1. I agree with @Amura you have to be careful of the fruit. It is easy to replace the sugar - breads and chocolate and so on with fruit. Fruit can spike you too - Idea is to change the habits that we have and make new ones. It is not easy, but will be worth it! Totally agree with sometimes the struggle. I kept walking into the kitchen at work - looking for "Something" finally had some flavored water and a Chomps Beef Stick. Took the edge off. Rock on Whole 30 teamates
  2. Day 2 - I made it! How is everyone doing? Goal for the Day: resist eating my Boss's birthday cake! I did it! No treats Yeah! Y'all still in?
  3. I have used for crust sweet potatoes or white potatoes - it really helps the casserole from falling apart. Sneak in more vegetables and this will help it be more thicker too. Good Luck everyone on day 1. Lanette
  4. Hello. I am doing my third Whole30. I have started a few others, but not to completion. But have completed 2 and always felt better. I realize I just can't have bread. It brings - starts and encourages my downfall. So I am starting again today. Yep planning is the key: I just read the It Starts with Food - again as a quick review. I think it's the reintroduction I mess up so I want to complete the Whole30 and then plan accordingly to the REINTRODUCTION - not just the go crazy. So in reality bread has to be a really strong NO & NO for me. Which I am okay with!. There are so many