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    Tennis, Running, Reading and enjoying my husband and daughters - soon to have both at college!

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About Me

I have completed whole30 once Jan 2017, but have started many times since...I have changed mostly all my eating habits over the last few years.

1) no artificial sugar for 5 years

2) Started playing tennis after a 30+ year break - play weekly doubles and drills or fun 1 x week

3) Love being with my husband who also farms in addition to his other job. So over the years learned many things about farming. Even learned how to milk cows - yet I don't drink any cow milk - yuck!. Married 23 years. WOW

4) Want to be healthy in general. So do running events with my sisters or oldest daughter. Last year completed 1 marathon, 2 1/2 marathons, 10 miler, 15K and multiple 5 K's. Excited to have already signed up for several races this year!

5) Have a mother that is overweight and doesn't want to make changes, so it is vital to me that I don't take that path. My biological father had his first heart attack at 40-survived, Yeah! I passed that one...being 50 almost 51.

6) Dental Hygienist - Oral Health is related to Healthy Body - so ALWAYS important to keep both healthy.

That's it. Pretty simple!