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  1. B1121

    Too thin-can I continue with this?

    I'm late to the party, but I am one more with the same issue. It's nothing new for me that I struggle to keep weight on, and of course I lost during my Whole30. No idea how much as I have not owned a scale or weighed myself in many years, but I do have a mirror. And like you I did not like what I saw there! I focus on concentrated starches before I add fibrous veggies, and even though I am generous with ghee and coconut oil when cooking I also add copious amounts of olive oil to everything after cooking. Everything I eat swims in fat. And then I lick the plate :-). I also eat fruit liberally. And lately I started eating 4 meals a day rather than 3. I've always been skinny like that. I had people talk behind my back about me being anorexic while I was eating four to five BIG meals a day plus 200g of white chocolate (that's on top of the usual desserts) and having several beers at night. But I was also riding my bike to work, 30 km one way including 4 serious climbs. Yes, I looked anorexic, but I was also incredibly healthy and fit. IMO people like us need to really focus on calorie dense and easy to digest foods and avoid too much bulky, fibrous stuff. It takes too much time and energy to digest. You shouldn't have to eat until you feel stuffed.
  2. I have been experimenting with that a bit in the last few weeks. And I find as long as I eat enough, sugar is no problem. I can have a piece of chocolate and leave it at that. But if the stuff is in the house, and I allow myself to get seriously hungry, then there is no way in the world that I could control myself to NOT eat all of what's there. (Actually, not true. The chocolate bar has to be opened already. If it's still closed and not meant for eating now it's like it's not there. I won't touch it. I pig out only if there is already opened stuff that I was meant to have a piece a day.) Anyway, this does not lead to huge cravings after. I eat enough good stuff and I'm fine. (Good stuff means protein, fat, veggies including enough good carbs, this is important for me as I'm so active. It really is when my glycogen tanks are low that I'm uncontrollable.) Yeah, I do think about chocolate occasionally, but I really love real food just as much.
  3. Melissa at TheClothesMakeTheGirl does http://www.theclothesmakethegirl.com/2012/07/04/red-white-blue-bowl/
  4. B1121

    Can't sleep since going paleo

    That is a long time to have sleep issues. I had the same problem when I started my Whole30 in January, and it took well over 6 weeks until it completely resolved. For me it was a matter of eating enough overall calories as well as enough carbohydrates. I have a huge level of activity, and since sweet potatoes simply do not exist here, white potatoes are forbidden and fruit is discouraged, I had no way to get in enough no matter how I tried. (None of the recommended starchy vegies are really all that starchy.) It was only after I tossed all those rules out and started eating white potatoes and fruit with abandon that I slept again. Not saying others need that much carbohydrate, I do burn through tons in a day, but I think experimenting with a higher carb intake is definitely worth it.
  5. Good guess :-) I exaggerated a bit. I was in Kununurra, so I guess there is still a bit of room to move away further, literally Then again, Broome is MUCH better connected, so in a way it's closer to the real world than I was
  6. They are very common, all supermarkets here have them, though not all are compliant. I am in Austria, but I would imagine that you can easily find them where you are. (I lived in Australia for 18 years. My Woolworth there didn't carry any, but then again, I lived in the middle of nowhere, about as far away from Sydney as you can be without dropping off the edge of the continent ) PS.: When weight doesn't matter and it's warm (not minus 20 to 25 like where I currently do my hiking) I also love to take grapes. Pretty high calorie so good for energy but also lots of fluid and easier to digest than say apples. And like everybody else I turn to hard boiled eggs for convenience protein+fat. The frittatas will be nicer, but the HB eggs can go without cooling, and if I don't need them they can go back in the fridge for another week without problems.
  7. Sounds like a good selection. My newest discovery is almond stuffed olives
  8. B1121

    Why are my lips chapped!?!

    Sweet potato and butternut squash do not contain actual vitamin A but pro-vitamines which the body can turn into vitamin A. A conversion which in many people is very inefficient. And the body would not convert more than it can handle anyway. Nature is a bit smarter than that. You can rule out that those veges would cause a problem with high vitamin A. In the worst case they would color you orange
  9. B1121

    My poor nails!!

    Actually, I just had a thought regarding the better nails in a short time... If nails start to grow faster, then they cop less abuse before they need to be clipped again anyway, so maybe that makes them seem stronger?
  10. B1121

    My poor nails!!

    Sorry, I have no additional suggestions for how to protect your nails in the coming weeks. But here is an explanation for what's happening: Your nails are dead, just like your hair. Diet makes no difference to the nails already on your fingers or the hair already on your head. So your worsening nails are most likely a result of the increased dishwashing. However, your nails WILL get better if you stick with this. Anything your body grows from now on has the benefit of the super nutrition your body is getting now. Just takes a while for those new nails to grow out and reach the tips of your fingers. (Yes, I too keep reading of people who miraculously report better nails and hair within a short time. With hair I can imagine it as the oils your scalp produces may change and so the hair looks and feels different. But the nails? Just be patient. They'll get better.)
  11. B1121

    anyone get bored of food?

    For me food has always been just fuel, all my life. I never cared much if I ate the same things over and over again. I could NEVER relate to all those emotional issues that people have with the stuff. It's just food. Maybe that was a result of necessity. I HATE cooking with a passion. Having said that, I am in the camp that now all of a sudden gets all excited over food :-). And every time I go shopping I come home with three times as many vegetables as I had planned, because all of them look so exciting and colorful, and then I can't decide what to eat first because I want it all! I also have big cook ups so all the protein is ready to go for the week, and I kinda enjoy doing it. And discovering new meals, making stock and soups, and, and, and...
  12. B1121

    nut allergy

    Ditto. I have never had any need for weird flours. Flour is a grain thing anyway. Nut flours are subs. I don't cook or eat anything that needs that. Easy :-) (I don't eat nut butters or nuts either. Awfully hard to digest those things, even when you are not allergic...) I mean, don't let us talk you out of using flours if there is a recipe you'd love to try, just don't feel that you must have some sort of flour to eat and live Whole30.
  13. I experienced the increased thirst during the first few weeks, and I saw on this forum that quite a few others do, too. Keep drinking, keep taking in enough sodium (you will lose more than usual while your kidneys are flushing out so much water) and after two or three weeks things will return to normal. Seems to be some sort of adaptive process. Sorry that I can't present you with a scientific explanation, all I know is pretty much what Juzbo said. I think I remember reading something about the metallic taste and ketones, too.
  14. B1121

    I don't want Whole 30 to end...is that OK?

    It's hard to be super strict for 365 days of the year. I'd say sooner or later you will be in a situation where you will want to eat something off plan. And when that time comes, just try to restrict it to one food group and call that your reintroduction. There is no need to reintroduce things immediately and within the suggested 10 day schedule. Once you reintroduce s.th. you'll know how it makes you feel after eating clean for so long, and you can decide if you ever want to do that again. There is no reason why you can or should not eat according to Whole30 guidelines for the rest of your life.
  15. I think it is, if you substantially increased the amount of something that you were only eating occasionally before. Could be fibrous vegetables, FODMAPS, protein, fat... A big increase in any of those could upset things I imagine... If I was you, and I had noticed an improvement in several areas, but not to the extent that I had hoped, I would extend. (In fact, it's exactly what I'm doing, being on day 36 or 37, I lost count.) But I am not you and I am not craving drinks or cheese or anything, so it's easy for me to say...