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    Pre-WO you want protein and fat -- so chicken or egg with avocado and/or nuts is great. It doesn't need to be a whole meal's worth, just a few bites. Skip the orange juice for pre-WO for sure, and you'd really be better off not drinking juice at all (you can find more about that in the Can I Have guide, just scroll down to Fruit Juice to find it.)
    Ideally, post-WO would be separate from breakfast, and for it you'd have a few bites of lean protein, and possibly a few bites of a starchy vegetable. I'm not sure how strenuous your workout is, but if over time you start feeling run down or like you're not recovering, you might want to change things up to allow yourself this post-WO in addition to your meals. If you have breakfast instead of post-WO, just have a full breakfast that matches the meal template.  Here's an article that explains more about post-WO meals, what you should have, and why they're important.