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  1. Valcapone

    First Whole30 starting 9 October!

    @jessie206 good luck! Do you mean you’ve only made it to nine on a previous W30 or that you’ve gone nine days so far? Hopefully you will have lots of willpower by the 27th!
  2. Valcapone

    First Whole30 starting 9 October!

    Just think no grains, no legumes, no dairy. And there are PDFs on the website you can print that are for additives and stuff. I got the W30 book from the library, and I’m hoping to have a good handle by the time I need to give it back!
  3. Valcapone

    First Whole30 starting 9 October!

    I’m also starting October 9 and sugar is also my big challenge. I can’t curb it so I am hoping to be over it by the time this is done. Thinking I’ll go for 66 days just to really reinforce it. Good luck @Kez85, @kajm1969 and @AllyN. Hopefully we can connect more over this next month!
  4. Valcapone

    Oct 9th --First Whole 30!!

    I’m starting tomorrow too! Good luck! I haven’t grocery shopped yet, so I’m not sure how much this will cost!
  5. @SugarcubeOD thanks! I’ve been reading a ton but hadn’t come across this label nuance yet!
  6. Valcapone

    Starting Oct 9

    I am starting W30 for the first time on Monday, and I am a big sugar addict. My biggest goals are to kick the sugar habit. Change my habits around food being a reward/consolation for my emotional stress. Teach my kids how to make good food choices (they are three and two). I’d also like to start a regular yoga practice. And I’m excited to see what positive changes my body goes through. But I’m really nervous too. Worried about sugar cravings and feeling overwhelmed. Any advice?
  7. I’ve been looking around at nuts and canned meats and spices, and many items say “may contain soy or peanuts or wheat or whatever....” does that mean they are non compliant? The items aren’t listed in the ingredients list, just there as a potential warning...?