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  1. Struggling with protein being appetizing

    I'm glad you have found your way chachacha! Good for you.
  2. Woo Hoo! Day 30 is Here!

    I am so glad to see that I am not alone when I fear the reintroduction. My attitude toward food has definitely changed but after 57 years od poor eating and diets that didn't work I am afraid. I love the clarity of mind that I have gained on the Whole30 which is something that is new to me. Good luck in the future on your health and progress.
  3. Heartburn and Whole 30

    I am so glad I saw this post. I will definitely speak to my Dr about weaning myself off this medication. It has been years since I was first prescribed so I was worried about going cold turkey. Thanks
  4. Diabetes 2 A1C improvement after 30 days

    So proud for you both. Way to go.
  5. Struggling with protein being appetizing

    I see no one has replied to your concern but I am having the same problem. I have no desire to eat the meat on my plate. I am able to eat fish with no problem though. When I am feeling this way I turn to eggs or fish. Just wanted you to know your not alone.
  6. Joint Pain

    Day 13 going on 14 and I am having the same problem. Out of nowhere I am having joint pain. Help
  7. Prepping for my first Whole 30! Starting October 1

    I just posted for the first time today. I began my journey 10/1 just like many of you. Everything is really going well. Woke up with a headache Thursday morning but that went away. Not needing snacks is a GODSEND. I have been a snacker my entire life. Good luck to all of you.
  8. Seriously like trying to give a Cat a bath

    Mishierose76 give your boss time. When the stars collide like they did with me, it will happen.
  9. Seriously like trying to give a Cat a bath

    Bless my dear daughters heart! For well over a year she has been trying to get me to try Whole30. Everytime I reacted by acting interested but not. The more time went by and the better my daughter's health improved, I listened a little but with great trepidation. Seriously child! You want me to give up what?? I couldn't even begin to imagine my home without dairy, my husband might die, his words, not mine. My husbands favorite foods in the whole world, whole milk, cheese, and bread. I tried dieting in the past without my families support, namely my husband and it was a disaster. By the way my daughter is 33, married, lives several hundred miles away and so she was not any part of the problem I speak of. My younger two thought I was starving them if I began eating healthier. At my age I have tried every diet in the book but as retirement approaches and my youngest was goes off to college, I thought maybe now is a good time. I have had one of the hardest years of my life, this year. I felt I had been burned down to the ground emotionally, mentally and physically. Then one day on Pinterest I saw a quote about a Phoenix rising. I thought I need to be the Phoenix instead of the Cat fighting getting a bath (hence my forum name). I could go on but needless to say I wouldn't be on this forum introducing myself unless I had given in, given up (my OMG thoughts), and began this journey. I began Sunday October 1st. My daughter is coaching me and doing a wonderful job. My freaky dairy driven husband is actually doing it with me as a show of support. The Phoenix is rising. Soon I will learn to fly on my own. Thanks for listening.