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  1. Anyone Else Starting Jan 5, 2013?

    Well first of all, here is my blog post I wrote a couple days ago about my experience. Second and more currently, I am feeling you Rojo. I did really well for awhile. My reintroduction was super slow and when other days were perfect. Then I started to get a little more lenient on the dark chocolate. It's not bad to have one square a day right? And two is barely more than one? UNLESS you have a really strong sugar dragon and even that sent me into what ended up being a couple days of everything sugar down my gullet. And the worst part is today I felt that depression creep back in. Everything was the end of the world and I guess there really is something wrong with me.... Until I read this post and I remembered that its not me. Its the f@#$ing sugar dragon. Dish soap on the remainder of a mostly eaten package of glutino cookies and tomorrow is another WholeDay.
  2. Jan 7 starters group

    Hey Everyone! I finally got around to writing my blog post about my experience. I'd love for you to read it!
  3. The crazy things people say

    The funny part is even by the most conservative weight watcher, low-fat, myplate standards the ghee is the only thing that might be controversial. Ha! Oh loved ones.
  4. The crazy things people say

    Seen today at a cafe: SUGAR-FREE Healthy Cookie Ingredients: sesame seed, sunflower, pumpkin seed, tahini, brown sugar, maple, egg white. Ok, I applaud your effort, but guys "brown sugar"..... is sugar. As is the maple syrup (I'm assuming thats what they meant.)
  5. Jan 7 starters group

    I'm the same way! I don't really feel the need for non-compliant foods right now. I did go ahead and reintroduce dairy yesterday (so far, seems surprisingly fine....) but I didn't need to. I figured I'll go ahead and do the reintroduction schedule so it's done and then just continue however the wind takes me. I had a few random urges today, like when I saw a french fry commercial, but the funny thing is after I took a second I realized I didn't actually want french fries- and if I did they certainly wouldn't be from whatever fast food chain the commercial was for!- but it was a mental thing like I'm supposed to want fries now that I can. Weird. Anyway-- squashed that!
  6. Jan 7 starters group

    Oh, P.S.......................................................... TODAY IS MY DAY 30!!!!
  7. Jan 7 starters group

    On the chopping, I have a ninja which is like a super-simple food processer and JUST got a mandolin... MAGIC! Seriously. Do it. On the options, I can't help you. I actually have the opposite problem. I'm in general a very simple eater and have during this process found myself getting obsessed with certain foods and wanting them for every meal. Acorn squash! Beets! Who gets obsessed with beets!? I actually had to FORCE myself to have other things to vary my intake! haha Anyway- if you dont have, food processer and mandolin will help the chopping TONS!
  8. Jan 7 starters group

    Have you checked out Well Fed? She has her recipe for the weekly cook-up. I am sort of slowing coming up with my own weekly cook-up and it helps a ton to spend like 2 hours one day and have all those building blocks ready. For your cravings and such, you might need to eat more. The past few days (4-5) I have been SUUUPER lazy and grumpy. And I just realized today its because I'm hungry. My laziness has translated to me skipping the avocado on top of my eggs, or the second veggie with dinner and those little things have resulted in me being hungry and then ignoring it out of laziness. I think the weekly cook-up helps and I'm starting a menu spreadsheet so I can see- wait, where's my added fat? and don't accidentally forget it. For you this would probably be busyness not lazyness.
  9. Reintroduction, day 1

    Hmm. I'm on day 29 of my first W30 and part of me just wants to skip this whole part but since it's my first I suppose I should do it while I'm so focused on being clean. Otherwise, I'm sure it will just creep back in somehow. This is interesting bc I have no interest in the grains and was feeling a little resentful about having to purchase them to try (I know, you don't have to) but I was crossing my fingers for the cheese. Interesting to see the reports
  10. Reintroducing Maple Syrup for the non-sweet tooth

    from PaleOMG. looks similar to the one in the book
  11. Reintroducing Maple Syrup for the non-sweet tooth

    I just gave a friend Make it Paleo for his birthday and there is a recipe for fig apple butter in there that might be good. Not sure it would be much less sweet than the pure maple syrup but another option I thought looked yummy.
  12. morning meal

    yuummm.. Mouth watering!
  13. Beyond W30.

    This is so amazing. I am so happy for you. I agree the weight is something, but it's really the least important part of it for me. I'm so happy to have gotten to hear your story!
  14. Epic FAILURE on Day 24

    This is my first whole30 but I have done similar unprocessed/sugar-free challenge type things many times before and have DONE it all. I have had a great compliant awesome time and BINGED on the first day off. I've gone the whole time sulking and eating a very unbalanced, lazy but "compliant" diet. And I've had the one square of dark chocolate > pan of brownies > wine > popcorn > pizza on day 12. They are all a part of the greater journey. Sometimes your inner teenager needs that to see how it feels and learn the hard way. As mark sisson quoted some other guy "there is not failure- only feedback." hugs!