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  1. JediChi

    Teen on Whole30

    My daughter is 15 and we are trying Whole30 with her at the suggestion of a friend. I am a fitness professional and follow/give general nutrition advice. That said, I agreed to try this with her because the elimination aspect of it was appealing to me in trying to figure out why she has been feeling full/bloated/uncomfortable for upwards of 6 months. By her own admission, she is fine with her physique, her weight is fine, she has generally good eating habits (though this sneaky sugar thing is a trip!), etc. but has been telling me about this uncomfortable feeling that seems to be bothering her as an athlete as well. So here we are! All told, while I appreciate the re-setting how our bodies crave sugar and limiting snacking, I have a VERY active adolescent who needs to increase her caloric intake on this plan but also has nut allergies = No Larabar, No approved nuts. My question is: what are recommended snacks I can have her eat before she dances for 2 hours after a school day and then has to stay up until 10/11p to complete homework besides jerky products? I was wondering about spiralizing potatoes and cooking in an approved oil for "fries". For her - not me. Her previous go-to was cottage cheese...
  2. So, if this answer is obvious my apologies. I've searched all over the forum and 2 Whole30 books yet can't find a definitive statement/answer (maybe choosing wrong words?). How many times a day is one supposed to be eating? Just the 3 meals? No approved snacks in between? Only more than 3 meals when increasing physical activity? Or ?
  3. JediChi

    Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

    Does Trader Joe's Andouille Chicken Sausage meet the criteria? Here is the list of ingredients: INGREDIENTS Chicken, seasoning (sea salt, spices, mustard, evaporated cane juice, natural flavoring, dehydrated garlic, paprika), filtered water, paprika, in natural pork casing. Wasn't sure about evaporated cane juice.