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  1. Stay strong always! Not getting tempted is the hardest for me.
  2. Good luck on your second journey! Wishing you all the best from a different part of the world.
  3. Good luck on this! Hoping to see good results.
  4. I agree with the comment above. In my case, I eat them with extreme moderation.
  5. Welcome to the forum! You'll have a great time here.
  6. Hope you all are doing great! Loving the vibe in here.
  7. No, not everyone. Good luck on your journey!
  8. Hopefully everything goes according to your plan. Good luck!
  9. I hope you guys do great! Please update us on your results.
  10. This. You should take things slowly until the big day.
  11. Your own smoked meat would be really great! You can control what goes into it.
  12. I agree with Sugarcube, your doctor's advice is really important.
  13. I agree with the comments above. Evoo would not be recommendable.
  14. Interesting, I hope someone replies to this.