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  1. That would be okay I think with minimal dosage, but I still recommend checking it with you physician or dietician.
  2. Nice, I am excited for you too!
  3. I felt and experienced the same way, it takes a lot of strong planning and will power.
  4. Depends on the ingredients. But I think it's okay.
  5. The simplest keto flour alternative you can use is sunflower seed meal or pumpkin seed meal. All you have to do with these alternatives is replace the almond flour/meal with the same amount of sunflower seed or pumpkin seed meal.
  6. More fiber for you and drinks lots of water
  7. Should fruit and vegetable be washed with salt water before consuming or cooked to certain temperatures to prevent transmission?
  8. What a great and nice story. I love reading it!
  9. Good luck to you wish you well and success to what you are doing.
  10. This is true that, when you need another reset is okay becoz cause it deepens your understanding and strengthens your positive relationship with food.
  11. Thank for this idea, this one somewhat applies to me. Thank you!