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  1. 100 mile whole30?

    I love your idea!! I try and eat locally as much as I can year round and we do a pretty good job with it. We try and focus on buying as much as we can locally and not get too upset about the things we still choose to eat that aren't local. I do keep track of my food budget and what percent is spent locally - we hover around 65% average. I think buying from local businesses for those items that aren't local is just as important and impactful. And we like to buy farmer direct for some items not available in our area - almonds, olive oil & citrus. For us it takes quite a bit of prep work to eat a mostly local diet. I process food like crazy in Aug, Sept & Oct. to stock up for the winter. Things we would need to give up....avocados, bananas, fresh red peppers (I freeze roasted red peppers & they are lovely), sweet potatoes and lemons all are regular use items that come to mind. I hope you post about your experience if you decide to do it.
  2. Coconut Yogurt

    Do you have a successful Whole 30 approved coconut yogurt? I have tried to make coconut yogurt a couple of times now with homemade pinapple vinegar. I have not been able to get it to set up properly. I think having a coconut yogurt could be fun to play with, but can't seem to get mine to turn out. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Trader Joe's meats

    That's a bummer! Will any of the farms in your area allow you to set up a buying club or distribute to a local spot that might be closer? We have had really good luck setting up workplace CSAs in our community where farmers will deliver shares of veggies, fruit, meat and eggs to a worksite if 5 or more people sign up.
  4. Where to Buy Good, Young Ripe Coconut

    I absolutely LOVE young coconuts and think they are quite easy to crack open. Blending the meat and water together makes the most amazing coconut milk I have ever had. However, I have read the same info that missmary refers to about young coconut. I think they are quite treated to keep them white looking. I have read about formaldehyde and other gas treatments prior to arriving in the U.S. Seems like there might be better options.
  5. Trader Joe's meats

    Gosh, $6/lb for gr. beef sounds pricey to me when you can get a 1/8 or 1/4 of the absolutely best quality locally cow for about the same price. I definitely want to know who my farmer is when it comes to eggs - it is a dirty, dirty industry. I like to make sure eggs are pastured and fed GMO free grain - I don't know of an egg you can find on the market that is GMO free unless you know your source intimately. I don't worry about whether it's organic if it's local - you can find out what their practices are first hand which is far superior. There are good websites out there to show what is available in your area. and are 2 really great sites. Here is a report on eggs that can be helpful to determine what those labels really mean and how the eggs you are buying stack up. This report doesn't even address the fed which is GMO unless you know otherwise.
  6. Question about oils for cooking

    I like using pastured lard for general stir fry. It helps keep my cast iron pans nice and finished. High quality lard is a great source of vitamin K2 and it works so well as high temp oil. When you order pig from your local farmer, just ask them to include the lard. There are coconut oils available without the coconut flavor. Omega Nutrition has an offering. Avocado oil is nice high temp oil choice as well. I am a big believer in spending a little more for high quality fats. Eating high quality fat is one of the best choices to achieving and maintaining good health - it's worth the money.
  7. Good dips for veggies?

    Baba Ghanoush, avocado mashed with lemon j., cumin, chili pwd & salt, beet humus, sweet potato hummus and pesto - those are some of my favorites. Elena's Pantry, Well Fed and Simply Recipes all have good recipes listed on their blogs.
  8. Compliant Pre-Natals?

    Melissa,Is this a non-GMO vitamin? I can't tell from looking at their website. One of the things I love about New Chapter is that they are 100% non-GMO certified. I work so hard to keep GMOs out of my food, it is really irritating to me when I find GMOs hiding out in my supplements. Mariah
  9. Diesel, Applegate, Niemans and Organic Valey all make deli meats that are sugar free that you are likely to find at co-ops. Applegate and Organic Valley both have options that are also organic.
  10. Trader Joe's and Costco options

    Co-ops are a great place to check out too. I can order case quantities at my co-op for a 20% discount including items in the produce department.
  11. 3 giant fennel bulbs

    I like to eat fennel raw sliced like celery sticks or stir fry with onions and mushrooms in ghee.
  12. Watch out for added Vitamin C in anything. Vitamin C is derived from GMO corn unless it specially states it is a nonGMO & even then it could still come from corn.