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    T2Andrew reacted to SugarcubeOD in Binge eating and re-starting Whole30   
    I've been using 'What would your future self want' and 'do something nice for future self' and it honestly works... we're people who want immediate gratification (as people in general) and stopping to ask what future self wants or needs... I find that more effective than 'Is it worth it' because I consider 'worth it' an immediate moment question and 'future self' brings the consequences into mind... 
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    T2Andrew got a reaction from dmrob2009 in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    @kirbz -Remember that W30 is intended to be a temporary process that help you to identify how certain foods affect your system, not as a lifetime way of eating.  How you carry forward with regards to what foods you want or don't want is up to you.  If your food freedom plan is different from what you had for 30 days, GREAT!
    The benefits that a lot of people experience such as weight loss, taming the sugar dragon, and increased energy gives one the knowledge to move forward and make informed food choices for themselves.
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    T2Andrew reacted to SineadMon in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    Hi guys.. so great to see some activity! 
    I've been really just trying to remain aware of my eating habits and cravings. Like I genuinely feel that just knowing what you want to eat, why and the affect it has on you is a really big step and a huge achievement. Like you said @dmrob2009, knowing that your coffee creamer triggers you is huge. But I've also really been asking myself the same question @kirbz, like is it necessary to keep eating like this? 
    For me, I've just been eating routinely and trying to focus on full meals, reduce snacking and listening to how my body feels more. Yesterday I went for brunch with my friends and found it difficult to order from the menu, but did my best. And for me, that was an achievement because normally if I couldn't find something 'perfect', i would just say screw it and order the most lavish thing on the menu. Also, one of the things I have definitely learned is that my digestive system is just super super sensitive. A few weeks ago I would have worried that I had 'eaten off plan', but now I know that I do need to be conscious of what I eat because I can react to it. I know that this is mainly caused by the level of stress in my job and so I'm trying to manage that with more meditation and self-care. For me, I find that eating real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner just give me more structure. Like I said in some previous posts, I am not overly worried about being 'compliant' or checking ingredients in any great detail, but largely I am trying to avoid gluten and dairy because I know from life before W30 that these would just make me feel sluggish and tired. I'm finding this helpful for structure and routine but I definitely want to avoid putting labels on myself - I'm trying to just take each meal as it comes. 
    I do wonder about the holidays every now and then.. I know I've often been on a diet or plan and then 'fallen off the wagon' when its Thanksgiving and got so angry at myself that I fall into an endless cycle of mindless decisions and eating all the things possible. I'm really hoping to be more aware this year... send me luck you guys!!! But for that reason @kirbz I hear you on 'falling off the wagon', but then if your wagon includes dairy and other foods without any issues, and you are eating what you enjoy, then I don't consider that falling anywhere - you are living life and that is so awesome!!!
    Great to hear from you all! Happy Monday
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    T2Andrew reacted to kirbz in Sept 18 start date reintro   
    @dmrob2009 Thanks for checking in! It's nice to hear from folks! And congrats on reaching a milestone of under 200!
    I'll be completely honest. I've somewhat fallen off the bandwagon. Which is embarrassing to admit because I had felt so strong and committed and good about my newfound knowledge and discipline! :-( 
    To be quite frank, I'm not entirely sure how much I believe in this way of eating. Yes, I believe eating natural, whole foods is best. But do I need meat and fat at every single meal? I'm not sure. Do I really need to avoid natural grains and legumes and dairy? I'm not sure. At least for me, personally. Because I've been eating all of those things and I don't feel any different than how I felt on 43 days of Whole30 eating. My NSVs are the same just generally eating whole foods and avoiding excess "bad" stuff like ice cream and chocolate. I'm also still losing weight. 
    So yeah, I had regular ice cream this weekend. I had store-bought potato salad with all sorts of garbage in it. I had sour cream. I had french toast with whole grain bread. And I felt just fine. 
    Probably not a very inspiring post but that's where I'm at right now. I'm going to try to get back to Whole30 eating until this weekend (when we're having 10 friends over for a "Friendsgiving" holiday). But it's hard to convince myself to stick with it when I'm not sure I believe in it anymore. I really wish I'd gained some energy or mental clarity. Or that I felt worse when I eat bad foods. But it all just feels the same to me!