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  1. *KG

    Cashew Milk

    Oh great! Thx so much, Elizabeth! KG
  2. *KG

    Cashew Milk

    Happy New Year to all! Here's to a Whole30-Compliant (for the most part!) new year. My question for all: is unsweetened cashew milk allowed? Aside from a cashew base of cashews and water, it also contains locust bean gum, almond butter, sunflower lethicin, natural flavour, gellan gum, and ascorbic acid. I'm only putting a little bit in my morning coffee.
  3. :-) That's the problem with addictions: they are difficult habits to break! They go hand-in-hand with cravings.
  4. Really? In the Whole30 book, there's the 14-day and then I found the fast track 10-day somewhere on the Whole30 site. Anyway, thx for this, Andrew!
  5. Yes, probably. But they don't taste as good. :-)
  6. I did at first on the Whole30. I think I was nut free for the first 2 weeks. Then I fell into having them with unsweetened applesauce and frozen berries, even though I knew was substituting them as dessert and that's a non-no on the Whole30. I found these wonderful pumpkin seeds with Himalayan salt, roasted, so Whole30-approved, and started eating them as "protein" because they have so much in them. But I'm now addicted to them. So, I suppose I should just go back to banning them for a while.
  7. Yes, that seems to be my normal serving, too. :-( Just wonder why I crave them after every meal!
  8. *KG

    Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe(s) Needed!

    So sorry! And thx!
  9. Can't remember which day of re-intro it is (depends on the slow roll or fast track...day 10? day 7?),when you can reintroduce white rice or quinoa, is semolina (couscous) allowed as a non-gluten grain that day? And when can we reintroduce sugar?
  10. *KG

    Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe(s) Needed!

    Anyone have any good (and easy) ones?
  11. These are very helpful. Thx so much!
  12. Sugarcube, I have forgotten about that template. Maybe you`re right and I`m not having enough protein. But even at night, after I`ve had probably more than the template`s portions, I still crave nuts. I had a meal last night of salad, squash zoodles with veggies and salmon patties (2!), some carrots and tahini paste, and still craved nuts so had them with unsweetened applesauce and blueberries...and then ate a huge handful of almonds after that! It's like this weird addiction. That's why I wondered if I lacked certain nutrients in my body but all my blood tests came out fine.
  13. *KG

    Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe(s) Needed!

    Sugarcube, thx! Of course! If I read the ingredients, I`d know right away. MissMolly, I did the pot roast, too, and I got that recipe from the Whole30 book itself. I would just like more. Online, there seems to be a lot with pork and I don`t est pork. I`d like to find some with chicken.
  14. Hi! I managed to do 37 days of the Whole30 and started re-intro a couple of days ago. I`m doing the slow roll. Just wondering what kinds of symptoms I`m to be looking for when I introduce a new forbidden food every three to four days.
  15. *KG

    Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe(s) Needed!

    But are they all Whole30-approved? I read somewhere that Melissa warned that some claim to be but aren't.