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  1. I just used your link, Shannon, and it worked! Thx so much! KG
  2. Hi, Shannon. Thx for this! I've tried signing up to the newsletter multiple times but I keep getting a message that says I can't do it, for some reason. KG
  3. This is a terrific article! I started the Whole30 25 days ago just to reset my body, help my GERD (acid reflux), hopefully reduce my inflammation (from osteoarthritis), and stop eating sugar for a month. I am looking forward to all the forbidden food I can't have (going out to a fancy Italian restaurant this coming weekend to celebrate my son's grad is going to be very difficult; there's virtually nothing on the menu I can have) and socializing with friends I could not eat with before. But I don't want to abandon this now. I like the idea of it (although I hate the amount of time I've been spending in the kitchen prepping, cooking cleaning nightly; even when I make extra food on the weekend, I still end up in the kitchen every night prepping something) and I want Whole30 to be my baseline and my usual way of eating. So it was heartening to read in this article that you can have these indulgences, and most likely will, but going back on the Whole30 often enough will make you have fewer and fewer of them. That was very encouraging! Can you suggest similar articles? I have the Whole30 book and they do tell you how to introduce food back into your diet and continue on once you attain your Whole30 goal (I`m trying to do 40 days before I "stop"), but can you suggest other articles to read on this and how to maintain Whole30 once you're back in the "real" world? The article suggests resetting your body after indulgences and doing 2 or 3 weeks at a time of just Whole30 before cutting yourself slack. Anyway, any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. And by the way, this is wonderful, to have such a Forum and be able to get such wonderful support! Thank you!!
  4. Just reading this and I have that terrible problem: Nuts and seeds. I was overdoing it, having them at every meal and (then even after a full dinner!) before Whole30 and I'm just starting to do that again on Day 25 of Whole30. It's such a hard habit for me to break. I thought Whole30 would do it for me, break the habit. I should probably just toss them. Or, as you suggest, eat olives!
  5. Thickening agents

    Oh gee, almond flour won't? It's so hard to find arrowroot flour but you think that's the best, then? And what, a coupla tablespoons for a big toureen or a slow cooker recipe?
  6. OK, thx for this. Maybe that's it, then; my body is re-regulating itself? I'll take hope in that. While I hate the time it takes nightly to prep, cook, and clean (it's a good coupla hours, even though I also make stuff on the weekend to have during the week), I'm eating better than ever and much more nutritionally. I wish I had the energy to show for it, though! :-(
  7. Except that wine, cheese, sweets, breads are all fattening so totally eliminating them from my diet and just eating protein, some fats, and veggies should induce my body to shed some weight. I really don't understand why it isn't. Or why I'm sooooo tired. And my sleeping, which seemed to improve at the beginning of this diet, is now suffering again. I wake up and can't get back to sleep, or have trouble falling asleep. As I said, it's really quite demoralizing. :-(
  8. Oh, that's interesting. maybe I wasn't eating as much as I am now. That might be a possibility. Although I was eating breads and cheese and having wine and sweet things like chocolate, and I've restricted all that on the Whole30 so it still doesn't make sense. Anyway, I'll keep at it but it's still very discouraging given the time and effort I'm putting into this. I'm even having to go to a fancy Italian restaurant this weekend to celebrate something for my son and can barely eat anything on the menu. :-(
  9. Oh, sorry. I do have fat! I use coconut oil and Ghee and olive oils. And the protein amounts in the morning and evening are pretty big. And how would that account for gaining weight, too? It just doesn't seem to add up. I'm also eating big portions at lunch and dinner; even breakfast sometimes because of the amount of leftovers. Wouldn't I be seeing something positive?
  10. Sure. I get up at 5 to exercise (oh, I'm a 63-yr-old woman, post-menopausal), then have hot water and turmeric, and then head to work, where I have stuff like leftovers from the night before (spiralized veggies, hamburg or roast), or sometimes berries and banana and nuts and even sometimes unsweetened applesauce on that. I snack during the mornings (lately pumpkin seeds and natural almonds, or carrots and tahini). Lunch is always a salad and maybe tuna or hard-boiled egg. Snacks are also home-made soups (today it was broccoli). And dinner is a chicken dish or meat or salmon, salad, and cooked veggies (cauliflower rice or mash, or broccoli, or spiralized veggies. And I drink wayet during the day, decaf coffee, and herbal teas.
  11. This is soooo discouraging. I am on Day 23, been following this religiously, and am getting progressively more tired (where's my Tiger Blood?!). Not only that, but my clothes are fitting tighter and I'm noticing I've become flabbier and chubbier! I'm even sleeping more poorly. I still exercise daily so I don't understand what's happening here. This is very demoralizing.
  12. Oh boy, it advocates to do it but toward the end of the article, it suggests that it might not be necessary. I'm just gonna plug on, then.I committed to doing 40 days and am on day 18 today, so I still have 22 left. Maybe that's good enough? I worry, too, about Wednesday nights when I go to my Paleo friends, who once were on the Whole30, because they had olives there last time from Loblaws but I'm thinking they must have sulphites if they're from the olive bar and I was eating them like nuts!
  13. Thickening agents

    Are arrowroot powder and almond flour the only thickening agents we can use on Whole30?