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    Profile Image Issues

    Sooooo pictures are still not uploading or linking to facebook. Tried 3 different browsers. Mac and PC.
  2. Nadia B

    The crazy things people say

    Friend reaching out to a fridge, while I am arranging food on the plates for dinner (roasted cauliflower with chicken). - I am making some garlic butter to HEALTHIFY my meal (bursts out laughing) - /no reaction from me - Nadia, I said a JOKE - Ehhm ok - /rolling eyes/ God, you and your "fat doesn't make you fat" Note: He is clearly not on whole30. Butter is not compliant on whole30. Ghee is. Just making sure noone will get confused by my post.
  3. I am going to jump here and share the best ginger tip ever. Freeze the peeled knob. Grating with NO stringy stuff. I always have coupe in te freezer. Tadaa.
  4. Nadia B

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    First, most of them have stevia and other ingredients that are out on Whole30. Second, you don't need that much supplementation if you are eating right. This supplement check list is a good way to evaluate the product. Third, please check these articles on supplementation while on Whole30. Part I and Part II.
  5. Nadia B

    The crazy things people say

    Dialog of two co-workers: Co-worker 1:- Do you want some of these? (Pack of something cracker like) Before wedding cabbage dieter/co-worker2 - Are they healthy? Co-worker 1: Yes! They are low-fat and with fiber. Nadia probably screams NO. Me: Exactly. Co-worker2: Well, they are low in calories and pack says they are healthy. (Grabs the pack).
  6. OMG. I have to share. I need to make it. Has anyone tried it?
  7. Nadia B

    The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30

    Hi there. I am not a moderator, but here are my 2c. Technically they are fine. However, how do I put it nicely? It is not an ideal choice. We want to get healthy and eat nutrient dense food - this product has no nutritional value or health benefits. We want to change relationship with food - this might be a desire to replace pasta ( I say might, please let's not get into SWYPO talk, they are nasty). Zucchini/sweet potato/carrot noodles or spaghetti squash would make a perfect substitutes if the dish is calling for this kind of texture. This website made me laugh out loud. "The soluble fiber found in the Miracle Noodle slows digestion and prolongs the sensation of fullness and is an essential part of any weight loss program. You also absorb more nutrients in the foods you eat with The Miracle Noodle due to the slowing of digestion". Really? Meat and fat will give you sensation of fullness, people
  8. Kb, mine decided to relax too. I get it it's summer time, she wants to chill, but it's not even growing to fill the surface of the jar. Time to bug Dad for one.
  9. Nadia B

    The crazy things people say

    Well, Vian, it comes from the person who exclaims "oh no, this is too healthy, you know I am not dieting or anything" when offered a granola bar by another co-worker. I just bite my tonge every time, but I really wanna know what is an unhealthy dish in her opinion. Probably steak. Red meat will kill us all.
  10. It is recommended to boil the water for 10-15 minutes uncovered to evaporate all the chlorine.
  11. They will work for sure. I though that buying GT is the way, because at least you get the bottle AND the booch Give your friends and neighbours a shout, they might have lots of bottles....
  12. Well, you can sti keep the jar and see what happens Megmac grew her with "oily" tea. But yeah, it will take forever probably. Don't worry, it's not a rocket science, you'll be a pro in a matter of couple batches.
  13. I am reading from the phone, can't link, but go to the website kombucha kamp and open the FAQ section
  14. Note that it might take a longer time for scoby to grow. Oils in teas are not that good for yeast. Vanilla. Are u on wh30? Then vanilla extract is out. I wouldn't take chance and try the vanilla sugar. I have never tried it or heard anyone trying it. Maybe someone else with chime in regarding this.
  15. Your taste buds are your advisors. Should be sour but not too sour. It shouldn't be too sweet either. Generally - if you like it, bottle it
  16. Again, if it's too sour, keep it in the fridge and mix with more of booch from next batch?
  17. It takes a little less time to brew in summer. I start testing after day 5. My usual bottling day is day 7. What you can do is to discard 1/3 or half of the sour booch and add fresh tea. Let sit for a couple days to ferment. Should work.
  18. Of course you can bottle that liquid too!
  19. Chris - why not, you are in the right place Booch jokes are encouraged and not frowned upon.
  20. Aha little scobies running around the kitchen, playing with your spice jars and messing around. Or you can just pour pure booch in a big jar and store it in the fridge to slow down the fermentation. When you would like to flavor - take it out and do the usual routine.
  21. They live where they want, fold and move around. Chill, lady!
  22. Everything will be fine, promise. Fresh tea with sugar will cheer it up!
  23. I would prepare tea first, remember, it needs to cool down first. It might take some time.Then, I'd pour everything out to any mixing bowl - liquid and a scoby. Fill the jar with fresh tea, pour the starter liquid with scoby and cover. It is like rubber, nothing is going to happen to it. You can't ruin it. If you are grossed out to touch it understandable, I just move it around with clean hands. Good luck! P.S Def try the liquid from the scoby jar before. I use straw to get underneath the yeastie. If it's sour and not sweet - start the brew 200%.
  24. Annabel, green+white is awesome. Just do 2/3 white 1/3 green to feed the scoby. Megmac, I'd start brewing, really. Fresh tea and sugar will help it out. Don't dump the poor thing, it's trying