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  1. Percypat got it all correct, what a pro! Usefull read -
  2. You can still add it! Yesterday I bought a small booch bottle as I really needed it. Not a GT. My first reaction was - ewww, homebrew is so much better! I used to love this brand. So many new brands appearing, crazy. All of them have spoons and spoons of sugar added, blergh.
  3. Kb, you are the new pro since we lost Susan. Your booch is classy as yourself, weee. Liz, basil sound about right!
  4. Oh damn, I got all confused. No coconut kefir for me, coconut water is so effing sweet. I meant coconut yogurt, but I am not sure that water grains would ferment it. I have to research dairy-free options. I've made coconut yoghurt with the young coconut meat and a starter I had from a vegan girl. I ate it all, licked the jar clean and though "oh you, stupid, you don't have anything to start next batch". Ok, too much rambling about non booch stuff. Fellow, brewers, what's your best advice for grapefruit? I've done ginger, sage and lavender. Not bad. What else can I do with it?
  5. Ok, action here again, love it. Liz, good to know. I love using little doughnut peaches, best flavor so far. I suspect that booch is giving me a bit of a trouble (oh no no no please not be true), so I want to try yeast free fermented stuff. Looks like same process as with booch, but way shorter brewing time. This is a disadvantage, I like to forget about this for a week. I also really want coconut kefir. I bet you've done it too. Jenna, I like to puree ot cut fruits, seems to release juices way better. Just saying. Dried stuff works very good in my experience. I've tried p
  6. Vinegar is fine for scoby, they like it. Not the bleach tho. Did you put cherries whole? They look like the whole pieces. Liz, did you put lavender buds? I have a herb in the pot growing, I've added leaves to grapefruit and it was pretty cool. I want peach lavender KB, blackberries work fine instead of mulberry. Btw, last night I had to throw away my giant scoby Momma. We've been through a lot with her. My first one. Oh well. She fell a victim of nasty fruit fly, who creeped in and decided that it's a decent place to place her stupid eggs. Oh well. It's ok, my second yeas
  7. Hurray for the beets success, I was scared I am just a freak and everyone who will try it will hate it. Carrot makes booch bright happy orange!
  8. Megmac, you can split it, but it will take longer to brew the batch. The bigger scoby the faster it eats up the sugar. Sooo depends on what you want - two tea tastes or short brew time.
  9. Yes, white tea works, but some of green tea has to be added to be safe. I would brew a standard recipe for the first time and figure out the details of the process first. It is a matter of personal preferences too I think. Black tea gives bold flavor and I love it plain. It gives interesting results with flavoring, but I find that it takes bold flavors best. My fav were strawberry, apricot and cherry. It flavors with teas good too. Green gives grassy flavor. I don't like it plain, but maybe it depends on the quality of tea. I had non fancy teabags. Ginger and mint were the best pair. White tea
  10. Dried fruit and concentrates are always available/cheaper. Dried fruit have high sugar content = fizzzzzz. I guess that's it. Kb, forgot to tell. Taste comes out way more after a night in a fridge, you are right! Note to self and others - don't forget to label. Barbie drinks. Fresh figs make booch pink <3. Now what.
  11. Kb, I say bottle! I've just tried fresh figs/blueberry. It is heavenly good. Goes to my permanent flavors list. So glad that figs are everywhere now. I wonder if homedried figs will work in the future?
  12. Kb, possibly new treat for team breakfasts when you grow an army of scobies Hippie boss.
  13. It was a friendly teaser, Susan. We know you have superpowers
  14. _________________What?! You don't read every single post I write?!?! Ahaha Ok, I brewed a batch with loose tea mix that was labeled as white. It had some of green tea mixed in per label. This time I've mixed pure white tea with Oolong. 3:1 approximately. White tea takes more time to brew.
  15. Hello from triple scoby turned pink in hibiscus pool! Previous batch turned a bit bitter and blah. Missed the point of bottling. Saved most of it with dried berries/apple/teas mix. Still very strong. Maybe I should use it like espresso shots in the morning I can't stop loving white tea. It translates flavors so much better. Took a sip of raspberry/mint (angels are singing), rhubarb/pomegranate (awesome) and dried rosebuds (very interesting). Also I've bottled the rest of white tea brew. I ended ip with raspberry/lavender, pear/fig/vanilla, mango/blueberry, mango (second chance), pear/p
  16. Issue?! Hell no. It's a booch paradise. Accompanied by obsessive checking on the growing yeasty blob.
  17. From a non-drinking me: Dark Tequila Orange Juice Mango Flesh Kombucha (any flavor) And a piece from KombuchaKamp.
  18. ____________ You can tell I don't drink, right? Ahahaha
  19. My fav thread, really. Kb, it was a brilliant idea. Susan, here is my hibiscus, see? I've mixed 1:1 with black tea. Can't wait! Lizzard, which spices did you put in beet/orange? What's a rickey, pardon my ignorance. Sophie, raspberry is an absolute favorite of mine too. White tea+raspberry+fresh mint = heaven. I don't want to drink anything else, hehe. Mo, I want this jumpsuit. AAAA
  20. Baked is better 100%. My boochsicles are not working. I will stick to swypo avocado/cocoa. Someday when I can handle it. Maybe summer will be over by that time ahaha. UPD - mix some coconut cream as well and a bit of honey (or dates). Some recipes have added gelatine and bananas. Imagine that. UPD2. I am trying honedew cucumber mint
  21. Uahaha bring scoby to school! Your scoby is gigantic and perfectly normal, D! Wow. Soon you'll just have to order flavors with the pro like Lily. Alex is grossed out, eh? Beet root powder looked purple and smelled exactly like beets. It was on the shelf with herbs. I will go there and buy a little bit. I guess I'll have to mill my hibiscus.
  22. I know right? I've seen the beetroot powder! Smells very beet like. I am wondering now... More questions about hibiscus. Is yours finely ground? I have the whole petals.
  23. Mmm I was thinking adding vanilla, almond extract or pear. Maybe cinnamon. Interesting! I am also super curious how rhubarb will turn out.