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  1. So exciting everyone! I don't see the correlation with sugar for fizz, I always used same amount or less. My guess is stronger tea. Sugary tea will take more time to be ready since the scoby has to eat it up (I am not too interested in drinking white sugar). Yes, Dad drank his after 5 days but it was in a crazy warm place. Now he holds for 7 days to get rid of sugar after my guilt trip talk. Raisins work fine, D! I added them to other fruits and by themselves. I have a box of fresh figs, do you think they will work? My news: White tea is my favorite, so light
  2. Kb posts keep me laughing. Silly. Can't help. Well, some Nadias are better with fertility than others
  3. I grate the frozen knob with microplane. Super intense ginger flavor.
  4. I use the older cheap one. Mo has a fancy one. Beets not sure.
  5. I don't think you can damage it by tearing at all. It will grow and morph.
  6. Sophie, have you seen my scoby pics yesterday? Anything but pale and lovely
  7. Yesyes, Kb. Nadia is ready! Derval, yep, just gently pull them apart. Btw, I was at the party last night. It was about fashion blahblah (look out for pictures of stunning Viktor&Rolf porclelain dolls). There was a corner if experimental designers. Guess what I see there? Everyone was grossed out. I was touching and smelling it. Designer was amazed and then I showed her my scobies on my phone. We were chatting about them forever and then I noticed faces of my friends who were waiting for me. Needless to say they are not aware if my yeast growing hobby. Haha
  8. It's a bit confusing tbh. I thought hibiscus is a herbal thing without caffeine or any other stuff for scoby to eat. I will try to do a minibatch but maybe I will do half black half hibiscus.
  9. Uhuh, why my mango failed. I should give it another try. Plain mango in that baby food, right? Speaking more of berry tisane, see how dark it turned my white tea booch? Insanely intense. I think it's hibiscus. Susan, am I correct that Robin BREWS booch with it?
  10. Speaking of scoby action, flavors and popscles. My yeastie friend scared me silly today. I haven't checked on her for 6 days. When I opened the top I saw a bubble, half of the scoby was filled with air (scoby air ballon anyone?). I flipped it to see closer. Holy Moly, what's going on. Secon one just got all funny and ruffled. I tried my berry tisane. Just threw a bit in my morning glass and let steep while cooking breakfast. If that's the flavor after 20 minutes. It is sooooo intense. I am not going back to buying berries, hell no. This blend has hibiscus, currants, raisins and something
  11. Susan, open it, we all come and work for booch Booch popsicles truck running around Portland! Booch fountain for the weddings and parties! Booch flavoring workshops. Come ooon.
  12. I picked these for second ferment when you add a flavor. Plain black/green/white teas are your choice for the base, yes.
  13. Carlaccini, oh for sure, I'll grow a nice one separately for you I hope you are driving aha. Imagine the face of security at the airport. Tea update. Went for a walk during my lunch and poPped to the herbs store. Picked up some loose teas and herbal tisanes for booch. I got: Bora Bora Mango Rooibos, Orient Express (apple, almond, hibiscus, rosehip, orange peel and calendula petals), Berry Berry (currants, raisins, hibiscus and rosehip) and dried rosebuds. Happy booching everyone.
  14. Mmm I don't remember. I think I had some cut up pieces for salad (white stuff removed) that I threw into it. I use orange juice too. I don't think it matters. I know that peel will turn it bitter.
  15. Orange vanilla creates the most swypo cream soda flavor ever. As per my posts above (sorry for the broken record peeps) beets - bake them, cut them, add them. Keep couple days in a fridge after straining. Flavors mixed with orange juice I've added. I think a bit of strawberry will be awesome to add. I also love carrots. Carrot+ginger, Carrot+apple and carrot cake pie spices All are good!
  16. __________________ Not with iphone/ipad And I just have to rave that beets kombucha is flipping fantastic. If you are weird enough.
  17. Megmac, just steep it in a mug of boiling water for 30-60 seconds, discard this water and proceed as usual. Caffeine is released with the first steep. D, once you figure out the pattern you won't be out of booch I think. That's why I prefer to make a mess twice a week, bottling + flavoring weekly supply and straining the next day.
  18. You can decaf it yourself, as I wrote it in my post Btw, you are such a funny bunch, giggled before bed about scoby names. KB, it feels a bit weird to type, but Nadia is beautiful Sophie, any news? First sip? Converted hubs? Susan, any freezing success? Btw - I put loose tea for flavoring, no tea bags.
  19. I missed the scoby naming part last night. Imagine my surprise Yes, scoby show off please.
  20. Lemongrass, pink peppercorn, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, pineapple, orange peel, coconut are exact ingredients of the tea. MMMMM. In case you wonder, there is an easy way to remove nasty GT stickers. Susan is an expert. Fill the bottle with hot water, let sit for 10 minutes and peeeeeeeel off. Voila!
  21. Nice! I was confused and then figured out that I have to tilt my head It is glass jar, right? looks cool. Scoby is nicely formed too. Have you grown your own?