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  1. I was thinking about letting it sit without the cap to unfizz and mix with coconut cream or avocado or banana. If no success I'll make granitas I've seen kombucha mixed with nuts into creamy drink, but you and I are on a nut'free strike. Yes, thanks to Lizzard (I wish I could refer by name)) we've learned about tea flavoring. It is so much easier to make. It's so delicious too. I took a sip of my lemongrass/cardamon/peppercorns one called Exotica. Soooo good. 2 days, really? I had my kitchen covered with sweet tea after two days as I tried to open my bottles. I'd say experiment
  2. Yes it does. Now I feel dumb too. I love to take my magnesium with a nice glass of booch However, the content of caffeine is smaller than in a regular cup of black tea it's still there. I wonder if decaff tea will work for brewing. I assume so. I am reading that you can do it yourself by steeping tea for a minute, discarding this water and steep in the water for brewing as usual. Per multiple resources approximately 80% of the caffeine is released in that first minute of steeping.
  3. Susan, popsicle mold is adorable! I have one with Sesame street handles and pretend it's for my cousins in case they come over Now, have you tried using it? I've had some of booch in ice cube trays. It becomes uhmm grainy? I wonder if there is something to add to improve texture. Beets kombucha. I've baked it, chopped it and added for second ferment. I've mixed it with orange juice, but it didn't add much I think. The drink will taste exactly like baked beets. Phenomenal translation of taste. I ate boozy beets after I would actually mix it with something sweet (strawberries) or some flowe
  4. Yeasssaaasas! Congrats. Yes, put this film with Frank to the new brew. Second fermentation will add a bit of stronger flavor. Your observation is righ that it depends on the amount/type of tea too. I fell in love with white tea, very light and fruity. Green tea gives a bit of a grassy taste. Black is the most intense. See how you like your first batch and play around. You can always steep extra bag ir two in a mug and add to the jar. Little thing - mango didn't translate too well in my bottles, so maybe do one only? Berries on the other side, they work perfectly. Also we've learned that fla
  5. If you open one, I am totally moving to Portland. I will be a good barmaid, promise! Beets kombucha outta control!!! Haha
  6. Susan, so you are serious about opening booch bar, I see Renée, are you sure this thread should be up all time? I wonder how many new member were scared by this crazy talk here. Booch porn, like Mo said.
  7. Picturing Susan washing scoby, pinning to dry, ironing and folding it. Ahah
  8. OMG this thread is so so hilarious. Pixie dust definition. Ahaha. Beets kombucha is so cool. Took a sip this morning. I made it with orange juice. CB = continuous brew.
  9. Yay megmac. Join the craze. Susan, let's put it this way, I drink it whenever I want. I don't think it comes to more than couple bottles a day. It really helps me to settle my stomach and you know it's been rough lately. Excuses. Excuses.
  10. Geeeeees, tapatalk I hate you. Hi from scoby, third try.
  11. Duuh tapatalk. Mom? Yes she will love it...if I put a several tablespoons of sugar in it Since Dad is a sugar police now, she doesn't drink it. All is bottled. All is covered in tape (my table and fingers included). My second scoby says hi. Goodnight all the brewers.
  12. I think I need to reduce actually. I can drink this stuff all day long. Maybe I should try a CB after all.
  13. Two - 2gl and 1gl jars. This time I had 13 bottles, but I had some of this booch plain today and saved 2 cups for next brew. Should come to a 1,5 gl total. I think so. Btw, booch is my Daddy's best friend now. Due to nasty chemo it's the only thing he can drink. His scoby is gigantic. We joke that one day Dad will have to start brewing in bathtub.
  14. Sophie, I love you. Taco scoby. You are hilarious My hard working scoby says hi from the booch factory aka kitchen. I've made two with beets/orange, several regular stuff and the rest tea flavors (exotica with cardamom/lemongrass/pink peppercorns/pineapple/orange peel/coconut and strawberry rhubarb parfait with apple/hibiscus/raisins/carrot/beetroot/strawberry/rhubarb). I have more washi tape, so fancy bottles to come. Second batch of white tea brew will be bottled plain.
  15. Yes, I meant proportions of herbal flavor tea to the regular fermented booch for the second fermentation. Just one tea bag per bottle?
  16. Yes, great note, Mo. I am not sure, Susan. i guess so. I would just make little teabags (cloth + thread?) and leave them in the booch for a day/overnight. Michele's friend uses it as second ferment flavor booster too. I have chocolate pu-ehr too It's called chocolate rocket, heh.
  17. I boil tap water. I have brita, but it's a small filter, so it will take forever to clear 2 gallons. Lizzard, hey there. Plus one expert more, so we can pick your brains now. Proportions please
  18. I am more concerned with tap water. Here they use chloride and this stuff is bad for humans let alone scoby. I'd leave it (add sugar) just for the purpose of experiment and start a new one meanwhile. Best case you'll have two scobies, worst case just one.
  19. Yes, green tea totally worked. Thanks, M. I will try my herbal teas and report. I actually have one baby beet baked. I actually think beets + orange. Orange gives fizz and should balance beets out. Hmmm.
  20. Yes, I've read in your log, M and wanted to ask. She is flavoring as a second stage, not brewing with herbal tea, right? I think I've read that herbal tea doesn't have enough tanins for scoby to eat.I love tulsi tea too, it's on my list for sure.
  21. Oh so cool, first batch-ers. I've never waited for that long. Hmm. By day 7 it's vinegary to me already. Maybe i should bottle half and leave the rest for days for testing purposes. I've made one batch with flavored tea - white tea+green tea+jasmine pearls+white hibiscus. I've just tried it, OMG. I am not flavoring this one at all. Perfect. White/green tea needs to be brewed longer 100%, so I will keep testing. Green tea batch is not that flavorful, so I will add fruits for sure. I am thinking mixing with my giant herbal teas collection. Have you ever tried it, herb teas fir flavorings.,
  22. How come that my yeasty friends are so skinny and flat yet manage to ferment 3 gallons. Hmmmm