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  1. Okay. I hit what I felt was Tiger Blood a week ago. I was all jazzed, I was still having cravings but they were totally ignorable, my inflammation was done, energy up, I felt fantastic. All that good stuff is still true, but I am so freaking tired. I just want to eat normal food. I can make better food choices, but I want to be able to eat like usual. The only reason I'm still doing this is because I've made myself accountable to tons of people. When I think about doing this for another two weeks, it doesn't feel doable because I've already done it for 16 days, it feels like I'm punishing myself for being fat. Help!
  2. V.G. Clairisch

    I ate out...oops (Mod check please)

    Thank you so much! I hadn't seen this article. You've put my mind at ease!
  3. I ate out today. I thought I was being smart, going to my favorite Mexican place for fajitas. Only after I ate did I realize they probably had canola oil, possibly sugar, and an off-chance of MSG. I already know I am sensitive to MSG, so I avoid that even without Whole30. I am not too worried about any potential sugar, and the cook said there was none when I asked. However, he did confirm that they use canola oil to saute the meat and veggies. I'm on day 9- I am not going to start over because I'm in charge of Thanksgiving and while I can be very cautious in my food choices, no way can I avoid everything. I did not do this intentionally, I've been mortified ever since the thought occurred to me, and I am absolutely committed to finishing strong. I've decided, upon reading some other threads, that the best option is to keep going and wait to reintroduce any type of canola or vegetable oil until day 40 at least. I really want to know other people's thoughts on this, since I'm really psyching myself out over here. p.s I also keep telling myself that I'm overthinking this, that the whole point of the program is to create healthy relationships with food and my paranoia is not healthy, but the strictness of the rules has me second guessing myself all over the place.
  4. V.G. Clairisch

    Best chicken sausage

    I just wanted to put this out there for anyone who might be desperate to find a really delicious dinner sausage- Aidell's has a chicken and apple dinner sausage that I swear does not taste like chicken and is flavorful and juicy. I am really picky about sausage (being a lover of all kinds) and this stuff, although pricey at $5.29/4 medium size links at the Target here in Iowa, was a godsend to me today. The brand carries other types of meat, but this is the only one that I know for sure is compliant (even some of their other products that are the same flavor have brown sugar in them; this sausage uses fruit juices to sweeten it). I ate it with gobs of plain spinach and it was the best lunch I've had in the week I've been on the challenge.
  5. V.G. Clairisch

    Fed-up Feeding Feelings

    That is such a great point, thank you! I can't remember which article it was that I read it in, but I saw one place where it said that you don't have to get rid of all bad habits and all comfort foods right away, just worry about getting good nutrition and staying compliant and working through the process. I'm really working on this, since guilting myself is another function of my "food-borne illness" (see what I did there?).
  6. V.G. Clairisch

    Fed-up Feeding Feelings

    XD! This is very true. I have always hated dieting because it doesn't do enough to encourage you to address the non-physical reasons you eat the way you do, and because they promote themselves as a quick fix. I have been a very outspoken opposer of almost every diet. So believe me when I say that the reason I chose to do Whole30 is because it allows and encourages the dieter to deal with the deeper stuff. And it's funny that you mentioned "using the food for another purpose", because the very situation I was thinking of when I wrote that was that my husband and I went out one day and he got a gorgeous salad, and I wanted a salad from the menu but my mind said "Don't get rabbit food, you're at a restaurant, you can make that at home." And I really didn't want the burger and fries- it was tasty, of course, but I left feeling just as unsatisfied as when I sat down.
  7. V.G. Clairisch

    Fed-up Feeding Feelings

    This is exactly me too! I was diagnosed with chronic depression (it's chemical, not situational) when I was 18 and spent my 20's on and off of meds. Finally, after my third son was born (I have four), I realized that I really need meds and will most likely always need meds, and I was going to stop thinking negatively of myself for needing that help. Since doing that, I started making a ton of personal changes and these eating habits are the last thing that needs changing. As I've been journaling every day with this challenge, I have realized that all of the reasons I developed bad food addictions have already been taken care of, and that's empowering me to change the addictions themselves.
  8. V.G. Clairisch

    Fed-up Feeding Feelings

    I am new! I am on day 5 of my first W30. So, as you can tell per the "timeline"- I am a dragon and I will kill all the things right now. My enthusiasm is gone. But it's okay, because I am as committed as I was on day 1 and I love how good I'm feeling. I started this because my weight has fluctuated in a 30-lb range for the last 5 years and I need to get down past that and back to a healthy weight, and the only way to do it is to break my massive, uncontrollable addiction to eating instead of embracing emotion. This isn't to say I'm a disingenuous or cowardly person- on the contrary. But I have used food as a crutch to help me feel better until I'm willing to deal with negative feelings (including boredom). Another part of my problem is that my body has never had all the nutrients it needs, since I grew up extremely poor and with a mother who hated cooking. I have always loved cooking, and learned how to eat healthier as an adult, but I've never made it completely past the "if you want it, eat it now or it'll be gone" mentality of my childhood. I don't want my kids to grow up that way, and I'm so embarrassed when my husband and I go out to eat and he orders salad while I order a burger (with all the fatty, sugary trimmings) and fries. It's time to change; time to teach my body what good food tastes like, how good nutrition feels, and treat it like the temple I know it to be instead of a grub hub.