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  1. aplentifulharvest

    can't stop cheating

    It’s mostly missing the happiness sugar brings me :/
  2. aplentifulharvest

    can't stop cheating

    Hello! I have completed one full W30 round, 2 years ago. I have done countless other attempts but I can't stop falling off the wagon around days 6-10. I just can't keep it up! I don't know any other Whole30ers in real life, I'm a mom with several young children so I can't "stress release" by going to the gym or sleeping more or etc. How do you keep going??? I go for about a week then binge for two weeks before trying again. Help!
  3. Hi folks! What do you recommend for breakfast on an unsettled stomach? I am on day 3 of my second round. I don’t feel like eating anything at all. I have so far managed to put down half an egg this morning. i would love suggestions. thanks
  4. Hello! I will be whole30ing soon with my toddler, and neither of us can have eggs. Does anyone have ideas for what I can make ahead for a week of breakfasts without eggs? Thanks!
  5. aplentifulharvest

    Bedtime snack or tough it out?

    Hi! I am on day 3 of my second whole30. I have this problem too! I am still nursing my toddler (so he takes very few calories but it still does affect me). What is the best bedtime snack to eat? carbs? fat? protein? Thanks!
  6. aplentifulharvest

    Weight loss after whole30?

    Hello! After your whole30, have you found tweaks orways to lose weight? thanks!
  7. Hi all! My first round of W30 was when by my bb was 6 mo. W30 fixed his reflux and I felt great and lost 10 lbs! I ate plenty of starchy veg for energy. Now he’s 23 months and still nursing a couple times a day. I am just starting a second round and would like to feel great again and lose more weight now that he is nursing much less. advice for starchy veg/fruit levels for weight loss? Thanks!
  8. Hi folks! I’m in the beginning of my 2nd W30 (but millionth second attempt) and trying to make sure I understand the template on carbs. It seems like about two servings of fruit daily and one fist-sized serving of starchy veg. With meals. So one or the other at each meal? thanks!
  9. Hi! I successfully completed a whole 30 1.5 yrs ago, and I have tried several times to complete another one, but I cave to sugar 10 days in, over and over again. I just am so SAD to let go of sugar/carbs/eating what I want! I also have 4 young children and so don’t get much sleep at night. So it doesn’t help to tell me to go take a bubble bath to relax, and at this time I don’t have time to exercise. That would be my first choice for adding happiness back into my life. How do you emotionally deal with the sadness that comes from removing emotional props like sugar and carbs? Coffee with nutpods helps but only so much. Dates help but I get groggy from too many, and obviously the POINT of this is to NOT use food for comfort. BTW, I am eating to template with plenty of fat and starchy carbs. Thanks in advance!
  10. aplentifulharvest

    Depression and Sadness

    Could you explain why dates would make you *more* depressed? I’ve been having a couple of dates for carbs on days that I don’t have time to cook a starchy veg. I thought they would have the same effect as a starchy vegt
  11. aplentifulharvest

    Whole30 help - why can't I succeed?

    This was so helpful. Starting, stopping, binging, starting....how to stop the cycle? My problem is little kids and no time to cook. So I am going to start again and stay compliant even if it's not perfect according to the template.