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  1. I'm listening to Melissa's food Freedom book, great info!! She says our body will know how much to eat to keep us satisfied. I can eat a hearty breakfast but be hungry two and a half to three hours later. Two eggs, two pieces of bacon, half a large baked potato in ghee. If I eat any more than I already am, I feel ill. How do I eat enough to keep me satisfied for 4 hours without "overeating?"
  2. @*KG it was actually just a spiralized potato sauteed in ghee, a cabbage and shredded brussel sprout salad with dried apricots, bacon, and a compliant citrus vinaigrette, and some Crock-Pot Carnitas meat...
  3. So, today is day 31! I didn't lose anything the last week, which is ok, but I'd like to lose 3 - 4 more pounds. How do I do this without counting calories?
  4. @T2Andrew I sent you a message, let me know if it did it work
  5. I am so excited and proud to say I am on day 30! I am nervous about reintro, but I'm going to do a slow roll, and would like to keep losing weight but not I'm quite sure how.... Today's lunch
  6. HMH

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    My cycle was 2 weeks early...
  7. HMH

    Day 29! Success Story!

    Congratulations!!! I'm right behind you, completing 30 energy isn't much better, but definitely flatter stomach and going longer between meals!!
  8. So, reintro starts tomorrow. Although I definitely have some no scale victories, I DIDN'T have improved mood or energy cheats. I
  9. Great, I did the hot dog and primal Mayo with a can of LaCroix
  10. So it's been 3 1/2 hours since I ate, it's getting late, but my stomach is growling! I had breakfast loaf in coconut oil, Brussels sprouts, half sweet potato, and broccoli. Do I just drink some unsweet coconut milk, or should I eat some nuts and raisins, or a compliant chicken hot dog??
  11. HMH

    Oops, weighed self

    Ok, so I don't have the Whole 30 book and did weigh myself last Saturday and I was down 2.5 pounds. Today I'm back up two pounds ... I know it can fluctuate based on time of month, water retention etc, but man, it is upsetting..... I'm still sticking to this, on day 18
  12. Hi all, thanks. I do eat within first hour, and food is hot. But it's just the whole heavy breakfast so early that gets me. I'll look for non traditional recipes. I am used to smoothies with us almond milk, chia seeds, cashew butter, protein powder.
  13. So, today is DAY 15!!! ....just fighting gag reflex on eggs and sweet potatoes...