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  1. I’m really just looking for other people’s experiences and what helped them, not medical advice. thanks for your suggestions! And believe me, I google all the time:)
  2. I am 25 weeks preggo and was diagnosed early with GD. I am now on insulin and am still having trouble controlling my fasting glucose levels. My daytime post meals levels are perfect, without day time meds, just my fastings are high. I’m beginning a new round of W30 and my question is: Is there anyone with good bedtime snack ideas to go with my insulin to help my levels be lower?? I see a maternal fetal specialist and have tried to follow his recommendations but they aren’t working. I’m tired of eating food I don’t normally eat! He swears by a half of a peanut butter sandwich. I don’t eat bread typically and it’s not helping anyways so I’m taking control and revamping my diet my way. But looking for food suggestions for that bedtime snack. Thanks in advance! KG