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  1. I love this brand... I think it's ok but I will wait for the gurus to chime in...
  2. jesmadi

    I just started my period 8 days early!

    Just chiming in to say my whole 30 has been great and I feel great but I just got my period yesterday and for the first time ever I feel like hell. Worse cramps yet, everything hurts and super heavy! Blech... I have read some people have their "best" periods" on whole30 and some have their worst. Why? Uhg - I attribute mine to the fact I never got the "carb flu" or any adverse effects of the whole30 and now I am paying for it, lol. (probably not but it makes me feel better)
  3. Long story short I love the Whole30. I never really liked sweets and felt like carbs were more fillers than food so this way of life seemed more natural to me. I am overweight and have decades of failed diets behind me. So I am on day 12 and loving how I am feeling - my clothes are fitting a little better, my brain is clear, I have more motivation in all areas of my life... But my challenge (aside from random tantrums from my food demons) is Not. Getting. On. That. Scale! So while others have dreams of pasta and Ding Dongs I dream of my scale nightly. Last night I dreamt that I stepped on and weighed 20 pounds more than when I started this. I woke up in a cold sweat, lol. Anyone find that damn scale to be a demon that the whole30 is addressing as much as our food choices?
  4. jesmadi

    this bacon?

    On the website in the top right hand corner there is a Product Locator. I found it in my Shop Rite, Giant Foods and even Wal-Mart!
  5. jesmadi

    this bacon?

    Awesome! Thanks for the link.
  6. jesmadi


    What about this kind? They have it at my grocery store and even WalMart if I was reading that right...
  7. jesmadi

    this bacon?

    So hard to find one without sugar but i don't know about this other "stuff" Ingredients: Cured With: Water, Salt, Sodium Phosphates, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite.
  8. jesmadi

    Benzoate of soda?

    Haha! Thanks Tom - great answer.
  9. jesmadi

    Benzoate of soda?

    uhg - nevermind, I just found this I am assuming these are the same if not too closely related
  10. jesmadi

    Benzoate of soda?

    The cafeteria's hot sauce of choice is Texas Pete... looks compliant except I am not sure on the Benoate of soda? If not I will get something else today and bring my own in for the future
  11. jesmadi

    Things to Keep on Hand...

    My Wegmans has Wild Planet. Maybe check there?
  12. jesmadi

    Breakfast receipe--Is this okay to make?

    How did it turn out? Was it good? I would love to make this if you give it a thumbs up
  13. jesmadi

    This Ketchup?

    but ... but... it's a fruit right? A teeny tiny bit of fruit? Like juice only nectar instead? oh, ok - I will release it from my cart. Thanks for your quick help!
  14. jesmadi

    This Ketchup? ...please say yes... please say yes...